5 Best Ramadan Fits, Look Happy from Inside

Ramadan Fashion for Women

The festive season has started and shopping must be done well in advance to avoid last-minute purchases. The Ramadan retail market has evolved with the international leading brands entering into the landscape and redefining fashion. When it comes to Ramadan fashion, modesty is the key. As women are advised to dress modestly, this is the thriving retail category where retailers are focusing to generate revenue. However, exclusive Ramadan collections are offered by the designer labels to celebrate the festival of joy and happiness.


Revamp your closet with the modest fashion for the most awaited season. 

1. Look Elegant in Abaya

Look Elegant in Abaya

Ramadan isn’t just about wearing only the traditional black coloured plain abaya. Most women are creative with their wardrobe and wish to try out new styles keeping in mind that they have to dress in modest wear. As there is no mandate on colour, pattern or detail, Muslim women prefer to build their closets with the Ramadan collection which made it a whole new independent season for fashion trends. Abayas are usually seen with longer hems and sleeves. Different kinds of linens are used with light colours and metallic fabrics to get a classy look. Furthermore, embroideries and embellishments are added to make the dress look unique and attractive. You can pick abayas from various styles like floral prints, lace embroidered, cape & drape styles and a lot more.

2. Get Comfortable with Kaftan

Get Comfortable with Kaftan

Kaftan is a symbol of exoticism and a bohemian lifestyle that has become popular over the years due to its loose-fitting nature. Kaftans are quite comfortable to wear and entirely meet the needs of modest wear. Kaftan is a Persian word, while this clothing style is believed to be originated in ancient times. These can be made from almost any kind of fabric, usually made of wool, silk or cotton and bound with a sash. These versatile and full-length comfortable garments have a narrow cut, full sleeves with long robes and including buttons or round shaped neck.

3. Carry yourself Gracefully in Maxi Dress

Carry yourself Gracefully in Maxi Dress

A Maxi Dress isn’t just an art of clothing but it resembles a lifestyle. A flowy floor-length frock is appropriate for the festival. This style should definitely be included in your closet. This kind of dress is very much comfortable and has decent breathing space. Most of the women go crazy for floral print maxi dresses, as they are simple yet beautiful to flaunt. For a touch of elegance, a satin floral dress is ideal for brightening up your day in this festive season. You can try out other types of maxi dresses too to get your festive look.

4. Get Stylish with Tops & T-Shirts

Get Stylish with Tops & T-Shirts

Tops & T-shirts are a good option to look fashionable, preferably wear long sleeve tops to get a decent look. Pair it with a denim jacket to meet the rules of modest dressing. Ensure your jacket has three-fourth sleeves. Avoid wearing plunging necklines, instead, opt for high necklines. T-shirts are also a good choice as you can get quite comfortable with this kind of apparel. Graphic t-shirts are widely loved and worn by most people, try these graphic tees to look stylish.

5. Explore the Next-Level Shirt Dresses

Explore the Next-Level Shirt Dresses

Shirt Dresses are a woman’s best friend, especially during Eid. Pair this kind of dress with sleek trousers and sleek pumps. Shirt Dresses borrow the details and inspiration from a man’s shirt. Often, these type of dresses are made up of cotton or silk. Typically cut without a seam at the waist, usually known to have a looser fit. Generally, these dresses are accompanied with either a leather belt or fabric robe. Buttons on the front and perfect fit make this a flattering look for most body shapes.

Check out these cool styles to get a decent yet trendy look. Upgrade your wardrobe with the Ramadan collection and get ready for the festive season. Celebrate Ramadan by sharing joy and happiness with your family & friends. Stay connected with Rezeem for more such interesting articles.

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