Crazy 80’s Fashion & Outfits You Will See Wearing in 2021

Crazy 80’s Fashion

Fashion is all about your comfort and stay in trend. It changes every now and then and sometimes bring back the old fashion. The 1980s is one craziest decade of modern fashion history. It showed the magic of jackets, bell sleeves & pants, jumpsuits of saturated colours paired with simple neck chokers and bandanas. Most of the crazy 80’s fashion is pretty spot-on that would definitely make a comeback in 2021.

Why 80’s Fashion is Back

Being the most drastic decade of fashion the 80’s has some unique styles that definitely staple to your wardrobe. Mixing the old styles with our 90’s minimalism will give a refreshing look for the year 2021. Look at the old pictures of your parents to check those elegant styles. The modern sweaters, streetwear, pants, torn jeans will make you feel both nostalgic and innovative wear for this decade. Let’s check out a few trends from 80’s that will not go out of fashion for any reason.


Women Denim Jacket

The jackets are back from 80’s to make their right place in the wardrobe. You can pair up with straight leg trousers or leather shorts and get the ultra-modern look for this fashion era. Go with the colours like blue, charcoal and neutral. If you have not tried this look then winter is the best time to add these up. A boring t-shirt can turn into happening with a denim jacket.

Head Scarfs

Women Silk Headscarf

Retro fashion is named after the head scarfs which are coming back in a big way. These give a sleek glance to the outfit without overdoing it. You can match this with your jackets, tunics, coats, or bell bottoms. Available in floral prints, patterns, block letters in every light and bold colour. Tie your hair in messy style with a headscarf and add simple hair accessories to take your fashion game to the next level.

Dramatic Shoulders

Puffy Sleeves Dramatic Dress

Big and sharp padded shoulders are not out of trend and coming back in the year 2021. These dramatic shoulders are seen in the latest ramp walks from top designers. You can also try puffy sleeve tops that do not fade away from the fashion. These type of shoulders jackets, tops, coats can be paired with skirts, trousers and now you are in the fashion game.

Crewneck Tops

Women in Crewneck Top

Crewnecks are all-time favorites of men and women. It is coming back with new designs for this new decade. Style them with any pair of jeans, skirts and you are good to go. Get a vintage and modern glance at one time with this distinctive collection from 80’s decade. These give the semi-casual look for meetings and also a cozy feel for the day.

Pencil Cut

Pencil Skirt

The pencil cuts are always the best one to go for any occasion. These are the perfect pair for crewneck tops of neutral colours. It is a dignified style for formal meets and also a cheeky look for a casual catch-up with friends. You can also lookup for sets of tops and pencil cut skirts with modern colours.

Oversize Coats

Oversize Coats for Women

These can combine with any sort of outfit and make it more elegant and sassier. You can choose from leather, fur which are more suitable for the season. Among all other outwears the oversize coats give classic look that won’t go out of style at any time. Oversize coats can make your waist cinch and elongate your legs.


Women in Knitwear

Knitwear is a better option especially in winters as it goes well with any kind of western wear. You can go with sweaters, tunics, cardigans, and suits. It gives a good shape for both plus-size and normal size. There are unlined, acrylic, polo neck designer tops and scarfs that blend with any style. Choose from light shades of white, purple, green, and peach colours that are best for any day and climate.

Pleated Skirts

Pleated Skirts

We can perceive from old movies that skirts have ruled the women’s fashion of 80’s. Among them, the pleated skirts have a special place and are perfect for today’s fashion drift. The pleats are available in various patterns with bold colours of blue and black. It gives you a great look and comfort. Adding a simple bracelet and chain will mark your style. You can also try polka-dotted skirts from the past decade and give a new approach to fashion for this generation.

Chokers & Hoop Earrings

Choker & Hoop Earrings

One best and basic choker suits every look is enough to make your style talk of the town. It is used from royals to celebrities in the 80’s and it is adorable even now. The hoop earrings add the required glam for the women’s personality. You can choose from gold and silver or metal with stones embedded in them. Add these accessories to your look and stand out from the crowd.

The 80’s fashions are based on the most popular trends of today. There are many other styles that can change your fashion game for the coming year. Redesign your old clothes in wardrobe by adding your new style for the year 2021.

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