Latest Apple Launches: iPhone 14 Series, Apple Watch Series 8 & More

Apple Launches iPhone 14 Series and Apple Watch Series 8

Apple has established itself as the most innovative brand in the world. They have refined the way of entertainment and work with incredible tech products. Apple opens the door to creativity and smartness. From iPhones to MacBooks, all Apple products are trusted and loved worldwide.

But what makes Apple unique? Is it the designs or the hype?

Well, Apple’s unique selling point is its seamless customer service. The customer-centric brand also provides the best operating system and applications.

The most awaited Apple gadgets and phones are now available in the market. Recently Apple announced the launch of an iPhone 14 series. Apple is launching 4 models: iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. They are also introducing the Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra. Moreover, it’s time for the tech revolution. Apple announces 2nd gen AirPods. Let’s walk through the features and other details to know more about the newest releases.

iPhone 14 Series – Latest and Best Phones

iPhone 14 & iPhone 14 Plus


Have a big and bigger experience with iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus. The release announcement of the iPhone 14 series has created a stir worldwide.

Apple offers the longest battery life ever in their new series. But what makes it special and better are the latest features. From emergency SOS to camera quality, every new feature is spell bounding.

Here is a brief about all the new and amazing additions to the new iPhone:

Beautifully Durable: With aerospace-grade aluminium and the toughest ceramic shield iPhone now comes back stronger and more durable. Find it in 5 vibrant colours – blue, purple, midnight, starlight and red. 

Water Resistance: The new iPhone 14 sails through spills. So, it’s okay if you’re clumsy. Apple assures that your phone is spill-proof. 

Personalise and Customise: IOS 16 lets you customise your iPhone as per your choices. So, personalise your lock screen in fun ways. Layer pictures and make it pop. Or track your activity rings. Do whatever you want because it’s your photo, your widgets and your iPhone. 

SOS: With the Feature of Emergency SOS, you can send emergency alerts via satellite. Even if you want no cell service or wifi, you can still text over satellite. 

Crash Detection:  The new iPhone 14 wants the user to stay safe and cautious. If you don’t respond to the crash detection alert, your iPhone will immediately contact all your emergency contacts and call 911.

Battery Life: Enjoy uninterrupted service without the tension of charging your phone every hour. You can get 20 hours of all-day battery life on your iPhone 14. While on your iPhone 14 Plus, you can get 26 hours of long-lasting battery life. And add a MagSafe charger for faster wireless charging. 

Screen Size: iPhone 14 has a screen display of 15.40 cm. At the same time, iPhone 14 Plus has a screen size of 16.95cm. The Plus model is 21% bigger. Both have Super Retina XDR Display. The other benefits are the OLED technology, high resolution and true tones that help the phone to adjust according to the ambient light. 

Action Mode: No more blurry videos. If you’re capturing a running short or any movement, keep them stable with the action mode. Get smooth handheld videos with this amazing video mode.

Cinematic Mode: Focus your eyes on the important things. The iPhone 14 cinematic mode automatically shifts the focus to subjects like filmmakers. So, experience home movies that give you the vibes of Hollywood. Also, you can record in 4k at 24 fps. 

Selfies: At this point, we all are annoyed with mirror-view selfies. Apple brings us the solution. Now your selfies will flip over themselves. Also, with a larger aperture and greater dept, click the best selfies and group pictures. The great focus and 2x better low-light pictures are add-ons to this. 

Main Camera: Click sensational snaps with a better camera. iPhone 14’s main camera has improved image processing, especially in low light.

Low Light Photography: Enter the world where you can achieve professional-level photos with just one click. Be a part of the huge leap in photography.

A15 Bionic: iPhone 14 makes graphically intense games and AR app ultra fluid. It also gives a better thermal efficiency which helps to make your action last longer with GPU 5-core. 

E-Sim: The iPhone e-sim cards make it so much easier for you. Active your phone and add carriers digitally.

iPhone 14 Price:

iPhone 14 Plus Price:

iPhone 14 Pro & iPhone Pro Max


Apple welcomes you to the magical world of iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. Catch all the details of your joyous moment with the 48mp camera. Go pro and beyond with iPhone. These models are available in four colours deep purple, gold, silver and space black. Let’s delve into the features of this beautiful masterpiece.

Designed For Durability: The gorgeous curve design gives iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max an edgy look. The Pro version is 15.54 cm, and the Pro Max version is 17 cm diagonally. 

Dynamic Island: iPhone introduces the dynamic island. Apple’s innovative idea is to bridge the gap between hardware and software. This feature bubbles up face time, music and more without closing your ongoing work. 

Lock Screen: Your lock screen will now always be glanceable. But when you turn down your phone or put it in your pockets, iPhone will immediately go dark and save battery life.

Display: The display of the models are 2x brighter than the sun. So, even on sunny days, you don’t need to stress your eyes. iPhone will make it easier for your vision with the Super Retina XDR display. 

Battery: The iPhone 14 Pro Max has a 29 hours battery life. While iPhone 14 Pro has 23 hours video playback feature. 

Pro Camera: Enter the massively pro zone with a 48MP main camera. The camera has an advanced quad-pixel sensor. Achieve up to 4x resolution images with iPhone 14 Pro series. And you can also enjoy the jaw-dropping crop for all images. The sensor is 65% larger than iPhone 13.

This new system adds 2x optical quality telephoto to its zoom range. And up your frame game with tons of framing flexibility by iPhone 14 Pro.

Main CameraTelephoto CameraUltrawide Camera
7 Elements Lens6 Elements Lens6 Elements Lens
100% Focus Pixel3% Focus Pixel100% Focus Pixel
f/1.78 aperturef/2.8 aperturef/2.2 aperture
Sensor-Shift OISOISLens Correction
48mm [2x Telephoto]3x Optical Zoom120-degree Field View
2x better low-light photos2x better low-light photos 3x better low-light photos

Similar Features with iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus:

  • Even iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max have the Emergency SOS feature. 
  • You can customise your lock screen even in iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max.
  • Cinematic Mode is also available in iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, but you can record from 24fps to 30fps in 4k HDR.
  • The ultimate smartphone chip is A16 Bionic for all iPhone 14 series.

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Apple Watches – New Launched Series 8 and More

Apple Watch Series 8


Apple launched Watch Series 8, which promises to be better than you have experienced. Your essential companion can now sense temperature to understand the insights into a women’s health. It has crash detection mode to make sure that you are safe. Moreover, Apple Watch Series 8 tries to resonate with your sleep schedule. And even the workout app is now enhanced.

Let’s check out some features that make this new range better than before.

Design: The design and durability of the Series 8 watches are unmatched. The smooth and seamless design with narrow borders makes the screen look elegant. 

Display: The always-on retina display helps the watch screen to adjust according to the light. It has more details and helps you read easily. The large display makes it more convenient to tap, type and swipe.

Durability: Your favourite Apple watches are now more durable. They are tougher. The strong edge-to-edge design is crack, dust and water resistant. 

Health: The new Apple Watch 8 Series brings you advanced health sensors, which will help to provide better insights into your health. Starting with the temperature sensors, which help you with your ovulation or menstrual cycle period. All these details are encrypted on your device.  

Sleep Routine: This amazing watch will not only record the hours you have slept but will also record your REM, Core and Deep sleep pattern. It can also record the times you have woken up. 

ECG app: The ECG app will help you have an electrocardiogram whenever you want. So, treasure your health with the Apple Watch Series 8.

Blood Oxygen Meter: This Apple Watch 8 Series helps you to check your blood oxygen level. You can take on-demand readings with the innovative sensors day and night.

Crash Detection: The innovation that Apple hopes you never get a chance to use is the crash detection feature. Apple will notify all your emergency contacts if any such mishap occurs. The watch is combined with the power of a 3-axis gyroscope and g-force accelerometer. It is developed over 1 million hours of real-world crash and driving data. 

Workout Friendly: Achieve your personal best with strong and durable Apple watches. The enhanced workout app helps you to see more advanced metrics. You can check your heart rate by glancing at your watches. The Heart Rate Zones feature will sense the intensity level. The training zones are automatically calculated. At the same time, you can create your health data manually.

Stay Connected: Get the world on your wrists. With the Apple Watch Series 8, you can call, text, stream music and make emergency calls. Also, get dynamic features like maps, wallet and SIRI. 

Battery Life: The new Apple Watch Series 8 has 18 hours of all-day battery life. But with the low power mode, you can get up to 36 hours of long-lasting battery life. 

Display: You can customise your watch faces with complications tailored to whatever you’re into. Get access to thousands of apps and personalise your Apple Watches with your style.

Apple Watch Ultra


Push your boundaries with the Apple Watch Ultra. Adventure awaits with the most rugged Apple watch. With a titanium case, precision dual frequency GPS and freedom of cellular, this watch is for athletes who deserve the best. Also, get amazing 36 hours long battery life. While with the low-power setting, you can get up to 60 hours of long-lasting battery.

Come, let’s explore some features together.

Tough Like You: The Apple Watch Ultra is the ultimate sports watch. The watch promises to offer unparalleled performance with all the detailed work. 

  • 49 mm titanium case
  • water resistant 100m
  • tested to MIL-STD 810H
  • IP6X Dust Resistance

Brightest Display: Direct sunlight is no more a hindrance. The Apple Watch Ultra is an always-on retina display which has 2,000 nits which makes it simpler for you to see the screen even in peak sunlight. 

Way Finder: The Way Finder face has a time dial that can change to a live compass. You can rotate the digital crown during low light and get night mode. 

Action Buttons: The action button prepares you for any physical activity with easier access to various functions. Whether you are in for a dive or need a compass, easily use the features you want with the action button. 

Specialised Straps: Choose from a wide range of well-crafted and curated for all sports. The straps are designed for outdoor adventures, water sports and endurance training. 

Other Special Features

  • Quickly check your heart rates with your apple watch’s meticulous heart rate zone feature. 
  • Understand the efficiency of your run with the running form function in the Apple Ultra Watch.
  • Get the most accurate pace with the track detection feature in which you can access apple maps data and GPS to know the best route for your workout. 

Apple Watch SE


Choose Apple Watch SE as your health and fitness partner. It is now better with a faster dual-core processor. The feature-packed watch is now at the best price ever. The watch is redesigned by keeping environmental sustainability in mind. Moreover, the watch is swim-proof and can detect crashes. And the cool straps are also interchangeable, so wear the strap that matches your style.

Some Other Features

  • It watches your heart rate.
  • It records your sleep pattern.
  • The mindfulness app helps to reduce your stress and calms you down.
  • You can use the apps you love on your Apple Watch SE.

Wallet: Get easy access to tickets, boarding pass and more with the Apple wallet feature.

Siri: Your best friend Siri is on your wrists now. So, clear all your doubts or ask Siri to play music for you with your Apple Watch SE.

Noise:  The noise feature helps you to know about high noise levels, which can affect your hearing.

Home: Control lights and look at your front door with security cameras through the Apple Watch SE home function.

Camera Remote: Use your Apple Watch SE as a camera remote for your iPhones. Enjoy fantastic shots with this fun feature.

Cycle Tracking: Your health is now Apple’s concern. Track your menstrual and ovulation cycles with Watch SE.

Find: With your Apple Watch SE, you can find your devices, people and even items. So, your watch will help you find everything you need if you are clumsy or curious.

Apple Watch 8 Series in UAE & KSA:

Apple Airpods Pro – 2nd Generation and Better Endurance


Cherish a richer audio experience with the re-engineered AirPods Pro. You can enjoy up to 6 hours of long-lasting battery life with a single charge. The H2 chip advances the high-performance Airpods already provide. The computational algorithms of the H2 chip deliver smarter noise cancellation. You can experience superior dimensional sound and more efficient battery life. 

Dive Into The Features

  • Achieve higher fidelity sound and immerse yourself into the moment.
  • The re-designed inward-facing microphone recognises your voice better and sounds more natural on calls.
  • The custom-built amplifier lowers the distortions during playbacks. So you can hear stronger bass across all volumes.

Noise Cancellation: The new AirPods Pro features 2 times more noise cancellation. Hence, listen to your music and podcasts peacefully without any noise interruptions. 

Silicone Tips: Now get silicone tips in 4 sizes that are expected to cover a wide range of ears. The tips create acoustic seals which secure your AirPods Pro in its place. 

Adaptive Transparency: With Airpods pro, you can protect your eyes from the intensity of loud noises like sirens and power tools.

Touch Control: You can control the playback and even adjust volumes. Moreover, you can pause your music to attend calls and even cancel calls through the touch control system.

Personalised Listening: Apple gives you the dynamic option to personalise the spatial audio. The adaptive EQ gives you the perfect fit so that you can hear every frequency to intend to.

Battery Life: Without the case, you can enjoy 6 hours of battery life. While if you use the case, you can get up to 30 hours of uninterrupted listening. In both options, you can enjoy the noise cancellation function.

U1 Chip: Don’t worry about misplacing your AirPods. With the U1 chip on the case, you can precisely locate your AirPods pro.

More Cool Features:

  • Engrave emoji, text or numbers on your Airpods cases.
  • Enjoy Apple Music free for 6 months.
  • Your favourite assistant, Siri, is available on your watch.
  • You can seamlessly switch between your several apple devices.
  • Siri can read the messages or alerts that you have marked as important.

Apple Airpods Pro Price:

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