Top 50 Beauty Products Under AED 100

Top 50 Beauty Products Under AED 100

Beauty does not define who you are! You define and express yourself with beauty. So unleash your inner artist with wonderful cosmetics and skincare. But this can get expensive at times, especially when shopping on regular days. So worry not! Here is the list of 50 cosmetics, skincare and more under AED 100 just for you!

1. Sephora Foundation

Foundation is the base of all incredible makeup looks. The wrong foundation can make or break a beauty look. So finding the perfect shade that fits your face without giving a cakey look is essential. Some of the brands that offer such products are Sephora. Their wonderful foundation collection is easy to use and is also under AED 100. From powder to creamy, they have it all. So get these and start your makeup journey now!

Sephora Foundation

2. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer

Sometimes all you are looking for is a little bit of shade and moisture for your skin. So get such creamy yet smoothen creams at Sivvi online store. Here you can find Laura Mercier and The Balm tinted moisturisers that are every lasting. The Blam offers these at the lowest price of AED 32. Add these to your cart, and don’t forget to use the Sivvi coupon codes from Rezeem to get an extra discount!

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer

3. Kiko Milano Eyeshadow

The eyes are the most capturing features in humans. You can be bold or classy without amazing eyeshadow pallets at Faces Beauty by unleashing your art on your eyes. Just under AED 100, you can find brands like Kiko Milano and Missha eyeshadow pallets. These are not only extremely affordable but also have good pigmentation and come in a variety of shades.

Kiko Milano Eyeshadow

4. Revolution Eyebrow Gel

Get that smooth and clean finish to your eyebrows with a hint of colour using Revolution tinted brow gel. You can avail this wonderful product at the price of AED 89. With special Namshi discounts, you can get upto AED 50 price drops on these amazing products. This is not only tinted but has an everlasting smudge proof effect.

Revolution Eyebrow Gel

5. Benefit Eyebrow Pencil

Benefit my brow pencil is always the right choice for eyebrow pencils. The brand offers multiple colours and shades at the lowest cost of AED 75. You can find these at reputable stores such as Namshi. If you are looking to save on your orders from this store, they make use of Namshi discount codes from Rezeem.

Benefit Eyebrow Pencil

6. Urban Decay Lipstick

Urban Decay has been providing the best cosmetics at affordable prices for ages. You can find Urban Decay lipsticks at stores like Sephora at just AED 99. With just a simple swipe, paint your lips bold red, bright pink, skin nude and more. Add these to your cart and use Sephora code “REZEEM” to get extra savings.  

Urban Decay Lipstick

7. YSL Liquid Lipstick

Liquid lipsticks are a whole beauty product in themselves. These can be anything from matte to glossy and smudge free. That is what YSL Beauty aims to give everyone. They offer wonderful YSL liquid lipsticks that can be yours at just AED 99. Here you will find every shade from burgundy to baby pink and bold red. You can also use their website’s “Try It On” feature that allows you to try on the lipstick virtually before purchase.

YSL Liquid Lipstick

8. Laura Mercier Lip Liner

Getting a precise finish around your lip can be difficult with just lipstick. That is why lip liners are perfect for the job. You can make your lips look as big and plumper as possible without any fuss. Laura Mercier lip liner is known for this purpose. You can purchase these for AED 95 only at stores such as Ounass, known for its luxury products.

Laura Mercier Lip Liner

9. Benefit Lip Stainer

Want to get that natural lip shade without using lipsticks that can get smudged? Here is the perfect idea for you! Benefit offers amazing lip tinters that help you get that perfect shade at only AED 94 at the Lookfantastic store. All you have to do is apply this to your lips and wait for some time. Then enjoy beautiful lips without worrying about the colour fading away any time soon! 

Benefit Lip Stainer

10. Maybelline Eye Liner

If you think the perfect eyeliner does not exist, then you definitely did not look at Maybelline eyeliners! This brand offers amazing liners starting from just AED 12. You can go for a cateye or a sharp edge without a worry about using these products. Besides matt black, at Amazon UAE, you can find Maybelline eyeliners in the shades of blue, brown, pink, red and more.

Maybelline Eye Liner

11. Revolution Highlighter

Shiny like the diamond you are with incredible Highlighter from Revolution. This brand provides these starting at the Boots store for AED 50. From silver to gold and skin colour, this brand has It all. So get shopping and enjoy amazing makeup looks within your budget using Boots promo codes and deals.

Revolution Highlighter

12. Nyx Liquid Highlighter

Sometimes powders are not as effective as the liquid can be. The advantage of having liquid is that it can be spread smoothly on your cheeks. One of the most recommended liquid highlighters is Nyx Born to Glow. These are amazing highlighters that range in the colours of pink, brown, silver, etc. Get these at AED 80 at the Noon online store. If you want to save money on these, then use the “REZEEM” Noon code on the checkout page.

Nyx Liquid Highlighter

13. Anastasia Beverly Hills Glitter

Nothing is better than glitter to add more style to your makeup look than glitter. And Anastasia Beverly Hills Glitter is the perfect choice for all your glittery looks. You can buy these at Beauty Bay at AED 70. So get the impeccable face glitter and unleash your inner artist without worry.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glitter

14. Elf Blush

Having a little bit of colour to your cheeks can enhance the makeup look immensely. So get the perfect blush shades at Glamazle. Here you can find Elf blushes and more at just AED 40. You can use Glamazle discount codes to get additional savings on your orders.

Elf Blush

15. Makeup Revolution Bronzer

The Makeup Revolution is the best beauty brand for bronzers. The brand has a wide range of shades from pink to brown and more. Each product, when used, leaves a smooth and creamy finish alongside a beautifully blended product. These are available at VogaCloset for just AED 72. Also, use code “ZEEM” during the checkout process to save more!

Makeup Revolution Bronzer

16. Loreal Concealer

Noon is the perfect store to find various brands of beauty care. Here you can find Maybelline, Loreal, Revolution and other brand concealers for just under AED 100. Besides the variety, you can also enjoy amazing savings with Noon coupons. So shop within your budget and save tons of money! 

Loreal Concealer

17. Erborian BB Cream

Many people do not prefer full faced makeup throughout the day. That is when it is perfect to use BB creams. These spread smoothly and give full coverage without making you feel cakey. One of the well known brands for the ideal BB cream is Erborian. They offer these items at AED 89. You can pick your shade without a worry as the store has a large collection of skin colours. 

Erborian BB Cream

18. Erborian CC Cream

CC creams are made to help with suncare, wrinkles, dark spots and coverage. These tend to have lower consistency than BB cream, with a foamy and creamy texture. One of the most recommended CC creams is from Erborian online store. This is available to everyone at AED 89. This set consists of red pepper pulp cream and CC cream. With these both, you can have glowing skin that is smooth and radiant.

Erborian CC Cream

19. Nyx Primers

Primers are essential when you wear makeup. Besides covering up dark spots, pimples, marks, etc., they also leave smooth and hydrated skin. Nyx primer does just that. This product offers the best care for your skin and keeps your makeup intact. You can buy these for AED 92 at Namshi online store.

Nyx Primers

20. Ingot Contour

To get that perfect jawline with makeup, you must use contours from Ingot. These not only blend precisely but also is not too pigment to look harsh on your skin. The product is perfect, especially for nose and cheek contours. You can avail this item for AED 95 to 100 at 6th Street. These come in both liquid and powder form so that you can choose based on your comfort with makeup.

Ingot Contour

21. Kiss Fake Lashes

Starting from just AED 12 Kiss fake lashes are perfect for all occasions. The brands offer different sizes in packs and singles on Amazon.uae. You can also buy bundles which include adhesive glue and an applicator right here. So get shopping and use the Amazon coupon from Rezeem to get an extra discount!

Kiss Fake Lashes

22. Nyx Color Correct

Colour correction helps you get just the right makeup shade without causing toning issues. Get the colour correct from Look Fantastic called Nyx. You can add these to the cart at only AED 48. These blends will help you correct conceal and contour problem areas. If you have trouble finding your shade, simply visit Look Fantastic to get a proper product description and how to use it.

Nyx Color Correct

23. Kiko Milano Mascara

Get that volume you desire to your eyelashes with Kiko Milano mascara. Find these amazing Mascaras at Azadea online store at the cost of AED 69. With their easy flow, you can use them and forget about any lump formation of your beautiful lashes. During purchase at Azadea, use the “REZEEM” code to get an additional 20% discount.

Kiko Milano Mascara

24. LA Girl Setting Spray

Setting spray is your answer to having long lasting makeup throughout the day. LA Girl is the perfect choice for your setting spray needs. This keeps your makeup from sliding, smudging, creasing or fading throughout the day. So keep the touch up to a minimum and fresh with LA Girl setting spray from Nice One at AED 52. Ensure to use Nice One Coupon “REZEEM” to get extra savings!

LA Girl Setting Spray

25. Mikyajy Setting Powder

Shop for the setting powder that beats all the brands at Mikyajy. This store offers an exclusive collection of Mikyajy setting powders at AED 69. These are Halal makeup that gives smooth and flawless coverage. You can get your matt finish look with these and save more with Mikyajy promo code “RZM” on your makeup essentials!

Mikyajy Setting Powder

26. Izil Beauty Face Serum

Serums and oils help you keep your skin hydrated and moisturised all day long. Izil Beauty hold such serums, oils and more just for you! Get these incredible scents to heal your skin by leaving smooth and healthy skin behind. Grab these starting from AED 32 only! Save money on Izil Beauty serums with storewide sales and coupons from Rezeem!

Izil Beauty Face Serum

27. Foreo Face Mask

It is important to protect your skin from the harmful substances we get exposed to every day in this day and age. So add the Foreo face masks to your skincare routine to enhance your skincare regiment. These masks can be yours at AED 56 only! Don’t forget to browse through Rezeem’s Foreo page to get the best offers on these products. 

Foreo Face Mask

28. Bath And Body Works Moisturiser

The first and foremost product used before makeup and skincare is moisturiser. These help keep your skin and makeup smooth and crease free. Bath & Body Works offers astonishing moisturisers that start from AED 30. You can use the “Y5271” Bath and Body Works promo code to get an extra discount on these products.

Bath And Body Works Moisturiser

29. The Body Shop Exfoliator

Our body sheds dead skin cells every 30 days to make room for new cells to grow. But sometimes, these cells don’t shed fully. It is why we must use exfoliators to remove them from the surface of your skin. Use these from The Body Shop at only AED 72. Fresh, coll and clean is the body shop exfoliator’s motto. Shop these and get an extra beauty discount using The Body Shop discount code “REZEEM” during checkout.

The Body Shop Exfoliator

30. Bath & Body Works Face Wash

After a long day, refresh your face with the Bath and Body Works face washes. These can be yours at AED 70 only. Besides, You can find a variety of scents like vanilla, lavender, citrus, ocean, etc. To get amazing price drops before adding these to your shopping cart, check out the wonderful Bath & Body Works discounts, offers, and vouchers at Rezeem.

Bath & Body Works Face Wash

31. Himalaya Lip Balm

Sometimes all we need is a simple lip balm that keeps our lips from breaking apart. So get the Himalaya lip balms made from natural ingredients at Carrefour UAE for AED 12. These not only are halal but also come in an incredible range of flavours like cocoa, strawberry, vanilla, and more. With Carrefour promo codes and offers, you can get more price drops on these lip balms.

Himalaya Lip Balm

32. Olay Eye Cream

Take care of wrinkles, dark circles and more with Olay eye cream. You can buy these creams at Carrefour UAE online store. This store is the perfect place to browse for eye creams at low costs. You can also get brands like Skin Natural, Dermacol, Loreal, Himalaya and more under AED 100. Gain more discounts by using Carrefour coupon code “AA65”.

Olay Eye Cream

33. Dr Vera Eye Gel

Dr Vera aloe vera eye gel is perfect for releasing the tension and stress from your eyes. Keep the dark circles, wrinkles and ageing away with this gel. You can get this at AED 91 at Soukare online store. Besides these, you can find many other eye cream brands at Soukare. Some of them are Nuxe, Bioderma, Other-P, and more.

Dr Vera Eye Gel

34. Cetaphil Night Cream

Start your night beauty routine with Cetaphil night cream. Using this, you can beat early wrinkles, dryness, dark spots, and more before they begin. You can avail this at Soukare online shop. Add this to your night skincare routine for AED 69. You can use Soukare promo codes and deals to get unbeatable price drops.

Cetaphil Night Cream

35. Rituals Sunscreen

Protect your skin from the harsh glare of the sun with Rituals suncare. This store has the best protection creams and lotions extracted from the most natural ingredients on the Earth. If you are a sustainability believer, shop for eco-friendly beauty right here! You can get this suncare product at AED 90 and redeem more discounts on this with Rituals coupon code “RZ10”.

Rituals Sunscreen

36. Izil Beauty Toner

Remove the excess makeup gently with Izil Beauty toners. The toners are available to you at AED 47. These also remove any excess oil and dirt from the surface of your skin and tighten your pores. Before paying for these products, apply the Izil Beauty promo code to enjoy more shopping without any budget constraints.

Izil Beauty Toner

37. Clarins Face Cream

The surface of our face is very sensitive. It goes through a lot during our journey in life. So start taking care of this skin with face creams from Clarins. This refreshing cream is perfect for hydration and is available to you at AED 71. If you are looking for the best beauty sales and offers for Clarins products, browse through Rezeem.

Clarins Face Cream

38. Nivea Makeup Remover

Makeup remover must have some very important qualities. It must remove the makeup completely, should not harm the skin and be easy to use. Find all these qualities at Nice One, where you can Nivea MicellAir makeup remover. Buy this at only AED 28! Use Rezeem’s exclusive Nice One discount code to get this item at a low cost.

Nivea Makeup Remover

39. Max Fashion Faces Wipes

Use the best wipes on your face to get rid of excess oil, dirt, makeup and more. Get them at Max Fashion at the lowest price of AED 7! Choose from aloe extract, bamboo extract and argan oil. You can apply the Max Fashion discount code at the checkout page for more discounts!

Max Fashion Faces Wipes

40. Clarins Cleaners

Sometimes we need more than just water to clean our faces and body. That’s when we must use cleaners. The perfect ones are Clarins Mousse, available at AED 51. With the help of Alpine Herb extract and Tamarind pulp acids, these will help your skin in the best way possible.

Clarins Cleaners

41. Max Fashion Face Brush

The best way to use any form of cleaners and oil is with face brushes. Get the best face brushes at Max fashion. Enjoy these at only AED 15. Simply place your product onto the brush and start massaging your skin! It is that simple! Start using this now!

Max Fashion Face Brush

42. Urban Outfitters Makeup Sponges

Using sponges is the best way to get into the nooks and crannies for makeup application. These teardrop shaped helps you save time and money on brushes that can’t reach all corners of your face. Buy the best sponges from Urban Outfitters at Azadea for AED 99. You can get three beauty sponges that you can use multiple times for applying makeup.

Urban Outfitters Makeup Sponges

43. BH Cosmetics Brush Set

A brush for every makeup! Get the ideal brush set from BH Cosmetics at For Her online store. You can get these for AED 96/SAR 98. With this set, you have a makeup brush for everything like blush, eyeliner, eyeshadow, foundation, primer, etc. So add the brush set to the cart, and don’t miss out on For Her beauty deals by visiting Rezeem.

BH Cosmetics Brush Set

44. The Body Shop Scrubs

Find the best beauty offers on scrubs at The Body Shop online store. Here you can choose different flavours like strawberry, pearl, shea, etc. All these can be found just under the price of AED 100. Besides that, you can also use The Body Shop promo codes and voucher codes to enjoy shopping within the budget. 

 Body Shop Scrubs

45. Victoria Secret Mists

Victoria’s Secret is known for its wonderful luxury beauty care collection. Here you will find amazing body mists for AED/DHS 100. You can explore a wide range of fragrances like coconut, pineapple, watermelon, moonflower, and others. Buy these now and get amazing savings with the Victoria Secret season sale!

Victoria Secret Mists

46. Rituals Hand Blam

Keeping your hands clean and neat will need a lot of washing. But this also causes your skin to get extremely dry and rough. So use Rituals hand balms that start at the lowest price of AED 25. Choose from a collection of Samurai, Ayurveda, Sakura, Karma and many more. 

Rituals Hand Blam

47. Christian Dior Perfume

A perfume can change moods instantly. You can go from stressed to pleasant with just their fragrances. Samawa offers the best brand perfumes like Dior at AED 45. With the zesty tones of oranges and lemon, this perfume is perfect for all occasions.

Christian Dior Perfume

48. Ajmal Arabic Perfume

Arabic perfume holds a special place among all the perfumes. These are made from Arabic oils instead of alcohol, making their scent stronger and long lasting. So shop at Ajmal store to get Infinity perfume at AED 45. It has a musky scent mixed with warmer perfume oil tones. Use the “AJ58” Ajmal discount code to get more price reductions.

Ajmal Arabic Perfume

49. Rituals Body Cream

Rituals bring you their amazing collection of Ayurveda body creams with the beautiful fusion of scents, oils, and creams. Apply this and enjoy its hydration, soothing scent and luxury rich creaminess on your skin. You can get these at AED 35 only! Add these to your cart now!

Rituals Body Cream

50. Beauty Bay Face Rollers

The beautiful quartz face roller from Beauty Bay’s online store is perfect for all skin types. Purchase this at AED 70 only! It will help your skin stretch and relax all your face muscles. Besides that, it also helps reduce wrinkles and skin ageing.

Beauty Bay Face Rollers

Buy these amazing products and let your beauty do all the talking! You can find more Beauty coupons, discount codes and offers then go to Happy shopping!

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