Stay Safe: Celebrate Easter with Family in UAE

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The UAE is a country which is mainly famous for its hospitality to traditions and its people. It is not a surprising fact that all kinds of festivals are well celebrated belonging to other cultures. All people respect each other’s traditions and celebrate all holidays. Easter is one of the oldest and most important holiday for Christians celebrated on resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

Easter is usually having fun with family & friends, participating in the events over the long weekend. Considering the present situation outside, it is difficult to celebrate Easter as we always do but you can celebrate at the comfort of your home without stepping out. Here are a few ways to keep your Easter alive in lockdown period.

Decorate Your House

Bring out the artistic nature inside you and start decorating your house. Lift up your spirits with lots of colours and get your kids involved in DIY décor. Draw some bunny faces on colour sheets, Easter egg designs on balloons and place bunny soft toys at eye-catching points. Hang those colour sheets with the help of stings to the wall. Get creative and try out some new ideas to decorate your home.

Pick Your Best Outfit

Choose your quarantine look and pull out your never worn clothes in your closet. Get out of your pyjamas and wear something sparkling for the day. Brush your hair and try some new hairstyle to get the perfect look.

Easter Hunt

These egg hunts are classic and a true Easter-activity. Create an Easter hunt of your own and encourage all the family members to participate. Try Easterhunt inside the house or in the backyard. Use Easter themed stickers, stationery, colouring books, bunnies or accessories. For some added drama, leave some sneaky bunny footprints or pieces of fur. You can also give them puzzles and riddles to solve & get to the eggs. Else, create your own hunt clues.

Show Your Craft Skills

Crafting is a good way to relax your mind and brings out your imagination. Bring the whole family to the dining table or kitchen table and begin showcasing your crafting talent. With everyone working on their Easter crafts, it is a good time to have fun and conversations with family. Create your own customized Easter basket by putting some little bunnies in it, some stickers, paints or any other artwork on eggs. 

Send Easter Cards

Make your own Easter card, get your scrapbooks, stickers, paints, crayons & pencils and brighten someone’s day with your customized Easter card. Send it to your neighbours, friends or your family members and also add a mini Easter egg with a cute message.

Play Easter Games

Bring your family together and play Easter games. Play fun games like egg and spoon race and pin the tail on the bunny. You can find bunny printables online or make one on your own. Explore more such cool games like i-spy or Easter bingo.

Cook a Special Meal Together

Get your family in the kitchen and cook your perfect Easter meal. Obviously, it will taste good as each one of you in the family helped in making the dish. Try some Easterrecipes like bunny cupcakes, desserts, bunny-shaped pancakes & cookies, Easter bunny milkshake etc.

Watch a Movie

Spend time with your family by watching a movie. Get some popcorn, relax on your couch and turn on an Easter movie. There are many options to choose ranging from films that narrate the story of Easter to springtime movies that keep alive the Easterspirit. Watching one of these movies is perfect for a lazy Sunday evening.

Read the Bible

It is always a good thing to read the bible with your family on this occasion. Start with Easter Bible verses or pick your favourite passages to begin with as you can share with each other and discuss.

Lift up your mood and cheer up your family at these testing times. Celebrate this Easter 2020 with your family at home by actively participating in the above fun-filled activities. Spend time with your family and celebrate the holiday with great enthusiasm. 

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