Eid Al Adha 2020: Food Items to Kickstart Celebrations

Eid special receipies

Eid Al Adha known as the ‘feast of sacrifice’ is one of the festivals of Islam celebrated by Muslims across the world on the 10th day of Dhu Al Hijja. This year Eid Al Adha is falling on July 31. The festival marks the conclusion of worship of Haj or pilgrimage to Mecca. On this festival, Muslim families dress elegantly, perform prayers, exchange gifts and indulge in a feast. Food is an integral part of the celebration when it comes to any kind of festival. Muslims prepare traditional foods including an elaborated list of dishes and desserts. Eid Al Adha also known as ‘Bakrid’ is really a dream come true for foodies, especially for meat lovers. Here are a few flavoursome delicacies you can indulge in on this special occasion.

Red Meat

This is a delicious meal, usually, the meal is cooked with goat or lamb. There is a tradition that the chosen animal will be split into three different parts, one part will be given to the poor, second part will be shared among the relatives and the third part will be cooked and enjoyed by the family.


Maqluba Great Taste foe Eid

This traditional Arabian dish consists of meat and fried vegetables like cauliflower, potato etc. This is a one-pot dish. All the ingredients including rice cooked in a single pot which is then flipped upside down to serve it. It can be best enjoyed with plain yogurt and salad.

Moroccan Chicken Tagine

Chicken tagine dish is a combination of chicken pieces braised with garlic, spices, olives, onions and lemons. The slow cooking process infuses the meat with rich flavours and when you take a bite your tase buds will find it extremely tasty.


This Lebanese origin traditional cookie will melt in your mouth and find its way on dining tables across the Middle East on Eid Al Adha. Shaped in the form of balls or flat cookies these buttery shortbread pastries are stuffed with dates, walnuts, pistachios, rose water and sugar. Maamoul is best savoured with a cup of hot tea or coffee.


Kabsa Food for Eid

Kabsa is a Saudi Arabia special combo of mixed rice dishes. Kabsa is made of chicken that slowly cooked in a broth of spices and tomatoes. In a while we can remove chicken and either fried or grilled and the broth will be used to cook the rice. The dish is served with raisins, almonds, parsley sprigs and yogurt.


Mansaf Food for Eid

Mansaf is an authentic Arab dish which is basically a lamb cooked in fermented dried yogurt sauce and served with rice. It is garnished with pine seeds and almonds. Mansaf is eaten collectively from a large platter without using the utensils. One important thing to remember is while cooking this dish best quality lamb should be used to get great taste.

Thareed Laham

It is an Emirati flatbread layered with lamb stew. In addition to lamb, it can also be made with chicken and other meat. The best bread to use while preparing the dish is Khobuz Raqaq which is a crispy wafer-thin bread.


Tufahija or walnut stuffed apples is a mouth-watering Bosnian dessert recipe. To prepare this recipe firm ripe apples must be used. However, it is important not to pierce the apples so the stuffed walnuts do not spill from the bottom. The dessert is cooked in syrup and garnished with walnut kernels on top.


Bolani Food for Eid

Bolani is a popular Afghani dish, it consists of flatbread stuffed with potatoes, green onions, cilantro and green pepper. Then, it is shallow fried or baked to crispy golden brown and is served with plain yogurt or mint yogurt.

As the festival literally means ‘sacrifice feast’, it is a feast to all of us. Try these authentic rich aromatic flavourful dishes & desserts on Eid Al Adha. Enjoy the feast with your family along with your favourite meat dishes. Wish you a very happy Eid Al Adha. Stay tuned to Rezeem for more such interesting articles.

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