10 Best Exercise Mats are On Sale Today

10 Best Exercise Mats are On Sale Today

Exercise and diet are perhaps the most important of body care. Many experts suggest that we need proper exercise for our body at least three to four times a week. Along with getting in good shape, an exercise routine gives you mental peace in your hectic day. The year 2020, has forced everyone to learn to stay inside and carry on with their lives. Things were not easy. Many found ways to cope with the unexpected turn of events. Exercise is one of them. There was a boom for workout equipment, weights, and other machinery. Along with these, there was a huge demand for exercise mats.

Do We Really Need Exercise Mats?

Yes, we do. Exercise mats are important along with your other equipment. First and foremost, they protect you from hard floors. When doing core exercises like burpees or jump rope, you tend to strain your legs or worse, tear ligaments. This happens when there is no cushion between you and the hard floor. Exercise mats are thick and give extra support. The mats protect your leg muscles, joints, and your back. On wooden floors, these mats will protect your floor from the damage caused by your equipment. With the rise in demand, many online retailers are selling the best quality exercise mats at competing prices. You can own the mat that you think suits you the best and also gift someone who you think will put it to good use.

What’s Best For You?

There are a few factors to consider while shopping for a new exercise mat. Mat’s that are thick are essential for high impact workouts. Whereas, thinner mats are optimum for yoga and other light exercises. Every retailer sells mats with proper details of the product making it easy for us while purchasing. Your height and the type of exercise you do are correlated to the size of the mat. We always tend to shop for things that last long. Exercise mats are no different. You want to spend money on something that will work efficiently without wearing out in the long run. If you are planning on working out on your mat for a long time every day, It’s better to choose mats with an extra layer of protection.

When you are provided with so many choices, making a decision in choosing one could be an overwhelming process. So this post has brought together a great collection of best-selling exercise mats. Let’s see what they have to offer.

1. Lululemon Reversible Mat

Lululemon Reversible Mat

With thickness ranging between 3mm to 5mm Lululemon reversible mat has become the most preferred choice to many. For yoga, Lululemon stands as one of the top picks with its optimum thickness and reversible convenience. You can find a great many colors and choose the one that catches your eye. Its top layer is designed with an antimicrobial treatment so you don’t find odor coming from it after using it for a while. It gives great support for you while exercising with its cushioning property.

2. BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat


BalanceFrom is offering a puzzle exercise mat with sets of tiles (6 to 24) to cover the whole area on the floor or a small portion. It is a feasible choice if you are planning to workout along with your partner. The mat has proven to show excellent stability with its interlocking system but can be separated without putting extra force. It offers an optimum level of cushion to protect the body. The surface of the mat is designed so well that it can be easily washed and it does not slip in between intense workouts. Amazon sale on fitness equipment is live with extra 60% discount.

3. Prosource Fit Tri-Fold Folding Thick Exercise Mat

Prosource Fit Tri-Fold Folding Thick Exercise Mat

ProsourceFit designed its Tri-Fold mat such that it received huge applause for its excellent support to those with arthritis. The mat is easy to carry and clean. Having a vinyl build, it does not tear up and the cleaning process is usually very easy. With its 15 inch thickness, it gives great cushion with firmness and comfort. Explore the five different colours in which this mat is available and pick your favourite now.

4. Adidas Training Mat

Adidas Training Mat

We all are familiar with Adidas. Check out their training mat with a strong base for firm support. It has a thickness of 1 cm giving good comfort and cushion to workout with ease. The mat comes with a strap so you can carry it around comfortably after rolling up. It is a great option to gift someone as they will love its support and the name Adidas speaks for itself. In additional, Adidas 50% off sale let you save on budget.

5. Nike Training Mat

Nike Training Mat

If you are someone who sticks to the brand they know, then obviously you are familiar with the name ‘Nike’. Nike training mat comes with high-density foam offering top-notch cushioning. It is easy to roll up and carry around. The strap that comes with the mat makes it easier for transportation. It comes in a sleek black colour and it is easy to maintain. Price even a great benefit here for shoppers as Nike 35% off sale is running now.

6. Manduka eKO Superlite Travel Mat

Manduka eKO Superlite Travel Mat

If you are someone who travels a lot then this should be your obvious choice. Manduko eKO Superlite is super thin but has an excellent grip as it is made with a durable rubber material. It works excellent on hard surfaces and even on carpet floors. The mats are made eco-friendly with natural rubbers and without any toxic dyes. Weighing less than 1kg (2 pounds) Manduka eKO can easily be carried to your travel destinations.

7. Manduka Prolite Mat

Manduka Prolite Mat

Many Yoga professionals stated that Manduka Prolite is their favourite mat to work on. It is so lightweight and has a great cushion making it the first choice of Yoga enthusiasts. It comes in extra-long size so you can focus completely on your work out. The material is very easy to clean & has a great grip. Although it’s long, its weight is surprisingly low and can be stored away easily after rolled up.

8. Gaiam Yoga Mat

Gaiam Yoga Mat

Gaiam Mats are designed specifically for Yoga. They have captivating designs to match your tastes and a great cushion giving you excellent support. Gaiam mats are usually thicker than other yoga mats making them more desirable. They are easy to clean and are water-resistant. They can be carried easily but with an add-on strap or a case. There are other Gaiam mats that are travel efficient, which you fold and put in your travel luggage. Of course, hoping that day is near.

9. BalanceFrom All-Purpose Exercise Mat

BalanceFrom All-Purpose Exercise Mat

Another BalanceFrom Mat has found its position in this list. If you are looking for Mat that would be of use to do all types of exercises, then BalanceFrom All-purpose is your to-go choice. With its 0.5 inch thickness, it provides a great cushion to you while doing exercises such as sit-ups, stretches, lunges, burpees, meditation, etc. Being moisture resistant, it can be cleaned easily. It provides a great grip on both sides. This means that the mat doesn’t slide away neither will you.

10. Proworks Yoga Mats

Proworks Yoga Mats

Its 1 cm thickness gives great comfort & protects your joints while working out with high impact moves. You can use the mat anywhere you desire. Whether inside or outside at the park. The durability of the mat is so great that it is well known as the mat that lasts long. Pick your favourite from eight different colours available. Stores like Decathlon, Levelshoes, Sssposrts and more are offering upto 50% off on yoga mats online.

It is important to own the right equipment for your exercise. Book the mat you prefer and start working out soon. Stay fit, stay strong!

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