20 Best Fashion Trends to Try in 2020


The beginning of a new decade with newest trends and a hint of a little throwback is surely something to look forward to. With that being said, 2020 is a clean slate for top designers to explore and make wearable fashion for every person. With streetwear ’90s, 2000’s nostalgia many of the trends align with one another, which will create a seamless fashion year. The long parade of more than 100 fashion shows during the summer-spring 2020 season by designers like YSL, Hermes, Chanel, Dior, Gucci, etc. finally is in the market for you to explore your style this year.

There is always something in the store for every person. From minimalist, basic fashion to bold tacky pieces, the fashion gurus this time in their Spring-Summer collection has gone all out with their classic, throwback, and bold designs. We have listed down 20 fashion trends from the shows that we think you should try in 2020 as they will surely suit everyone’s style. And even if they don’t, it’s never too late to try out new styles right?


  • Bermuda Shorts

The Bermuda shorts are very trans-seasonal based on the fabrics and the color combination. It will be seen in the winter season as well. Whether they are slightly more classic like linen style Bermuda shorts or crazy tropical printed shorts for holidays, they are here to stay. (Honestly, we are not sure about this)

  • Timeless Polo T-Shirts

Polo t-shirts are the eternal trend to stay, period. But this time, it is a major throwback to the ’90s with wide collars and classic stripe patterns inspired by American sportswear. Wearable to work, school run or a casual day-out, it is essential for every woman’s wardrobe.

  • Head to Toe Denim

We love denim. We love Denim on Denim. It is a cool, classic, no-fuss look that’s easy to pull off all year long. And above, it is an outfit that can be updated and worn on repeat with the help of adding a few accessories and styling differently. A trend that is to stay F O R E V E R.

  • The ’90s Make Under

Think of little strappy sandals, slinky slip-dresses of t-shirts. There is always a decade that inspires a season but never before have we seen it quite prominent at this time. Go for the more wearable and not theatrical trends like high-waist jeans, bralette and matching cardigans, etc.

  • White Dress

Needless to say, the all-white trend is something that everyone loves. In the New York Fashion Week, Valentino started with an all-white cotton dress. Many designers had this all-over white look and this trend is beautiful as it is accessible easily at affordable prices.

  • Sheer Fabrics

Super wearable, the sheer fabric dominates the over-all look. This is something that looks chic, stylish, and elegant. Wear it to the office, on a weekend, night-out and style according to your preference.

  • High Waist/Wide Leg Flare Jeans

High waist jeans have been around for a few years now and they have been sticking with us quite well. They show-off your waist, go-down the perfect length to show your shoes and are comfortable for all occasions. Nothing can go wrong with a wide leg and flared in high-waist jeans so maintain your love for them if you already them. If not then, well … it’s time for you to upgrade your jeans.

  • Pleats

Pleats were all-over the ramps and came hot this season. Top designers like Chloe, Pyer Moss, etc. showcased a variety of pleated styles on different clothing items including dresses, pants, tops in every color range. 6th Street has a bomb collection of pleated outfits so check them out and apply 6th street promo codes for great prices.

  • Half & Half

Why wear one color when you can wear one outfit having two colors? The split look half & half was validated by Cardi B when she wore a half-split pantsuit from Sally La Pointe. Be it sweaters, pants, or shoes, this trend is yet to experiment with. 

  • Knit Maxis

Knit maxis were lit and Jacquemus, Haider Ackerman made sure that the knit maxis are here to stay in 2020. Knitted top to bottom with details like buttoning, belts, and slits, these are going to be perfect for every season. 


  • The Chain Necklace

Again, inspired by the ’90s, the brands like Chloe, Burberry, all focused on chain necklaces for their accessories for the 2020 season. Add an instant 90’s vibe to the outfit you already feel comfortable in.

  • Statement Earrings

The runways this year incorporated very bold earrings into their outfits projecting that statement earrings will be a thing for 2020. Being the most important piece in jewelry, these earrings are sure to stand out loud with paired with minimal clothing neutral and earth tones.

  • Zodiac Jewelry

Boost your personality with the zodiac jewelry this year and if you have hopped on board, the latest way to pledge your allegiance to your zodiac sign is by wearing it on your neck, earlobes, wrists, or fingers. It the most minimal and chic way to stand out from the crowd. 

  • Mixed Metal

Create a balance between cool and warm tones like white gold and copper. Combine gold, silver and rose gold based on the outfit to create a delicate look. This trend is amazing for those who love to experiment with different jewelry styles.

  • Scrunchies

“What goes around comes around” is the motto observed with most of the trends that are making a U-turn. The huge, longbow scrunchies are all-over the place and they look great with half-up and half-down hairstyle.


  • Combat Boots

These boots need some brain juice to style. Pinterest it, Instagram it, Google it for a perfect style guide. For affordable and best-priced boots, visit Level Shoes and check out the Dr. Martens’ amazing range of Combat boots. 

  • Dirty Sneakers

As bizarre as it sounds, YUP! It’s a trend that will be hot this year. The white/off-white dirty sneakers started with an Italian brand, Golden Goose offering a variety of “dirty sneakers”. (Personal suggestion: If you are into this trend, just never clean your existing white sneakers!)

  • Loafer Heels

Loafers are a fresh take on the heel trend. They are elegant, timeless and suitable for every kind of outfit which is why they are not expected to go out of style anytime soon. Definitely another 90’s style we dig.

Hand Bags

  • 90’s Shoulder Bags

The Baguette bags are back with a bang and Prada stole the show. To be worn over the shoulder, these bags are absolutely the way to go. Many brands are inspired by Rachel’s style of bag we saw in Friends show so we are spoilt for the choice to channel 90’s vibes with it.

  • Pouch Clutches

Introduced by Bottega Veneta, the pouch clutches are adorable, classy, sleek and unique at the same time. They feature a long thin cross-body strap that is accented with signature ends. We have noticed these with many Instagram influencers, so next time you are planning to upgrade your handbag collection, consider the pouch clutch.

With all the hot 20 trends picked up for 2020, we are excited to know which trend every girl would want to go for. Maybe some will be a hit and maybe some will end up being a big NO! Regardless, of what you and we like, these trends are here to stay for the whole of 2020. If you are curious to get your hands on one of these styles and latest fashion trends, the Voga Closet coupon codes are available for you to buy great stuff at modest prices.

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