Happy International Women’s Day 2022: Top 15 Tips & Hygiene Products Every Woman Must Follow

International Women's Day

International Women’s Day has always been about empowering women in social, economic and political prospects. This day is not about asking for partiality but rather equality. Since the first ever Women’s Day date in 1917, our world has welcomed changes towards demolishing bias against women. Today it has turned into a well known moment called #choosetochallenge. On national Women’s Day, 8th March, all ladies choose to tackle a deeply seeded stereotype and break the bias. By doing so, we are one step closer to a wonderful and sustainable future.

Every year this date is celebrated grandly by all the women of the Middle East. Events, rallies, summits and more are organised in UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, etc. You can also be a part of events organised this year. A few are the Navigation rally in Saudi Arabia, Dubai Expo 2020, and summit attended by the one and only Hilary Clinton in Abu Dhabi.

Celebrate this day uniquely with Our Women’s Day Tips for You!

Health Tips for Ladies

1. Indulge Yourself

Indulge Yourself

This year focus on yourself. As a woman, many times, we put ourselves aside for others. Make this year all about you. Here are some self-care tips for women,

  • Cut out toxic people and things from your life.
  • Treat yourself by giving in to your cravings.
  • Express your feelings without thinking about other people’s opinions.

2. It’s More than Just About Looking Good

It's More than Just About Looking Good

Sometimes, we get so focused on losing weight that we forget to consider its effects on us. Weight loss, when taken to the extreme, can cause serious health issues. It must be avoided at all costs. A few health tips for women are,

  • Consulting a proper trainer who will help you get better instead of weaker.
  • Avoid alcohol and smoking for better health. Shift your energy into a new activity.
  • Learn a new skill every day with EDX.

3. Sleep is the Answer to Everything

Sleep is the Answer to Everything

One of the best ways to maintain perfect health is having a good sleep cycle. Many doctors and researchers have proven that a minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep can improve mood and health. If you have difficulty in sleeping, then,

  • Use better bedding. Purchase these from Beddinginn or Pottery Barn stores.
  • Stop using your phone just before you sleep. Listen to calming music that brings instant sleep.
  • Avoid caffeinated drinks and consume calming tea before sleeping. Get them at the Carrefour store.

Diet Tips for Women

1. Eat Healthily, Stay Healthy

Eat Healthily, Stay Healthy

Food plays a major role in our life. Sometimes we can tend to stick to eating the same things over and over again. Which is not right for your body! So here are some nutrition tips for women,

  • Add all types of vegetables, fruits, meat to your diet. Get these instantly with Noon Grocery and NowNow.
  • Eat vitamin and other supplements with your doctors. Get them at stores like iHerb.
  • Get frequent checkups from your doctor.

2. Diet is Not About Eating Less

Diet is Not About Eating Less

Life is more than about losing weight. It is about helping yourself get better every step of the way. One of the best ways to do so is to eat well. You can use the following women’s wellness tips to do so!

  • Eat better. Use food subscription plans like DailyMealz for the right kind of food.
  • Balance your diet with all forms of food. Get these from Noon or Carrefour stores.
  • Drink plenty of water and other beverages to maintain good water to food ratio.

3. Treat Your Body As A Temple

3. Treat Your Body As A Temple

The occasional outing with friends and family will most definitely include unhealthy foods. But making this a regular habit will lead to problems like diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and more. Avoid these by making use of the tips here:

  • Work out frequently. Do this at home with products from stores like Decathlon and SSSports.
  • Eat good quantities of food alongside quality. Use Fresh to Home meals to do just that.
  • Don’t just sit at home. Explore nature and let it heal your soul. You can do this with Klook & Kkday.

Career Tips

1. Find Your Calling

Find Your Calling

Careers for women is a hard mountain climb. Even though we live in the 21st century, women still tend to face many problems. It is filled with hurdles and steeps throughout the way. You can make the process a little easy by following your passion. So start your career right now with these must follow tips for women just starting their career.

  • Make a list of hobbies, interests and skills. With this, you will know what you are good at and which job suits these skills better.
  • Try different courses online. You can use websites like Udemy to get certifications before looking for a job.
  • Try different jobs or internships. This way, you can use the trial and error method to find your perfect fit!

2. Never too Late to Dream

Never too Late to Dream

Many women put a pause on their careers for others. It can be for many reasons like maternity, marriage, family and others. Even though you have given up on it, it’s never too late. Many women such as J.K Rowling have proven this to be right. But getting back into it can be hard.

  • Get back to a job you already love.
  • Join a class to learn something different and pursue it.
  • If you are family bound, use multiple work from home jobs.

3. How to Get Better At Your Current Job?

How to Get Better At Your Current Job

Finding something you love is very difficult. But once you have found it, it is never too late to start your journey towards becoming successful in the job you love. Find out how to do that now!

  • Always be ready to grab an opportunity. Make sure you show initiative.
  • Build your professional network. It helps you find additional opportunities and form a social bond.
  • Find a mentor. By doing this, you can get good at your job by learning from their experience.

Safety Tips

  1. In Case Of Emergency
Women in Emergency

Even though we are well into the modern era, women are sometimes put in dangerous situations. In those cases, you can use these tricks to get help!

  • Share your location with a loved one and keep emergency service numbers on speed dial.
  • Always keep your phone charged. Buy good quality power banks from stores like Amazon or Cartlow.
  • Pretend you’re on a call with a friend who is close by. This way, if someone is following, you will think you are not alone.

2. Empower Yourself

Empower Yourself

Being prepared is never wrong. We all react differently in a tough situations. But having the tools and skills to deal with them in advance will always come in handy.

  • Take a few self defence classes. It will help you defend yourself in case of an emergency.
  • Carry pepper sprays, tasers and more. Buy them at stores like Amazon and Noon.
  • Do not meet strangers alone. It often happens when you are out on a date. Make sure someone knows where and who you are meeting.

3. Beware Of the Dangers Lurking on the Internet

Beware Of the Dangers Lurking on the Internet

The internet can sometimes be a scary place. To protect yourself from the dangers out there with these easy internet hacks.

  • Use Vpn. By using Nord VPN, you can be safe from internet viruses.
  • Block unknown people. Do this with the help of Norton, so you don’t have to be worried about strangers knowing about your life.
  • Don’t let websites access your webcam and speakers. Avoid this by simply changing your browser settings.

Social Media Tips

  1. Support A Cause
Support A Cause

Every year women’s day celebrations include multiple events and protests. One of the largest worldwide social media events on this day is the #choosetochallenge. On this day, every person who posts this takes a vow to break a new bias. You can also create such an impact with the following ideas:

  • Donate to a charity that supports women’s rights and talk about them in your socials.
  • If you are an influencer/know someone, then do a live session on this issue.
  • Post reels and stories to support women worldwide.

2. Raise Awareness

Raise Awareness

A simple talk can change a lot. So be that person in your life. Make a difference by raising your voice against gender, sex and professional bias.

  • Post about what changes you think will help bring the change.
  • Participate in Women’s Day social media events.
  • Do a Q&A session with your viewers to bring light to suppressed issues.

3. Let’s Talk

Women lets talk

Use the power the networking websites have. As media platforms provide a huge audience, here are a few things that you can talk about:

  • Talk about professional struggles women go through.
  • Where to find a safe space to talk about their problems.
  • What can men do to help women break stereotypes.

Hygiene Tips

  1. Feminine Hygiene Care
Feminine Hygiene Care

The feminine hygiene importance has been downplayed for a long time. This caused many problems. As it is not well discussed topic, many people tend to get the wrong idea regarding female hygiene and sanitation. So let’s talk about what to do regarding such matters. Feminine hygiene hacks:

  • Menstrual hygiene is very important. Maintain this by purchasing good quality pads, tampons and menstrual cups.
  • Avoid using menstrual products for longer time intervals to prevent any bacteria formation.
  • Use non-scent items and wear breathable clothing. Make sure your PH level is maintained to avoid health issues.

2. Bodycare

Women Bodycare

Besides mental health, taking good care of our body is also very important. Many times, we are faced with problems such as breast cancer, viruses, and infections that do not end well. Avoid these with the following female hygiene tips:

  • Beware of breast cancer. Prevent this by using good quality bras from stores like Victoria’s Secret and Namshi.
  • Don’t let the outside pollution take a toll on your body. Use hygiene products from retailers like Bath & Body Works to get rid of germs and other harmful things.
  • Prevent hair loss and unbalanced PH by properly cleaning your body. Shop for these at websites like The Body Shop and Sivvi.

3. Skincare

Women Skinacre

This year on Women’s Day, start your journey towards better skin. Many people associate this with being feminine, which is not right. Taking care of your skin is one of the most basic hygiene tips women should follow. Here is how:

  • Avoid skin damage with good quality skincare from online shops such as L’Occitane.
  • Use branded makeup that does zero damage from websites like Sephora and 6th Street.
  • Step towards sustainability with cruelty free and vegan makeup from Faces Beauty and Rituals.

So on this World Women’s Day be who you are effortlessly. With this, you will become a better version of yourself and an incredible inspiration for others. So, start your journey towards a healthy and successful life today! Happy International Women’s Day!

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