How Ramadan is Celebrated in Pandemic?

Ramada Celebrations During Pandemic

Ramadan is a month of holiness, fasting, and introspection. Muslims who are sharing the ¼th of the world’s population celebrates the ninth month of the Islamic calendar as “Ramadan” which means “Scorching Heat”. They believe this is the month where Muhammad received initial revelations which were quoted as Quran, Islamic sacred book. They observe fasting for the whole month during daylight. And the evenings turned out to be a feast having the delicious foods on the table and the smell wafting in the air. Guests are invited in the evening, food is shared in the mosques and gatherings. We can also see mass prayers at one place and helping the needy during the holy month.

What is Now!

As the second wave of the corona is growing end to end leaving millions of people infected and thousands of losing their lives. The religious leaders decided to offers prayers online and celebrate the festival. Mosques with limited members, canceling guest gatherings, and curfew all night are few measures to protect ourselves from this terrible microscopic giant corona. Its capability of rapid spreading has defeated the humans in fighting and we have to figure out a new way of living.

Social Distancing While Ramadan

Muslim Social Distancing

Celebrations happen when everyone is at one place, having delicious platters. Especially in Ramadan, people gather to break their fast together after the sunset or to begin the fast before the sunshine. Having the mass gathering now can surely help in spreading the infection, as the respiratory secretions easily transfer while eating and talking. So, it is better to celebrate within the residence with our own family and keeping everyone safe. Many Islamic believers prefer to spend their day or nights at mosques every consecutive day, which is quite impossible because of the current situation. Few mosques are allowed to offer prayers with limited members, maintaining social distances, wearing masks, and following hygiene measures. As the second year of the pandemic is continuing, we should stick to these guidelines for our safety.

How Corona Affect Shopping During Ramadan?

Ramadan Shopping

Ramadan is the month of celebrations, shopping, decorating, and eating. Getting the figures from the past Ramadan celebrations, all the streets will be very busy with glittery paths of lights, especially in the evenings. People tend for new changes in home decoration and furniture, clothing, electronics, and accessories. If the previous scenario is repeated now, that can turn the situation upside down. So, the government of many countries decided to apply curfew in the evening. The strict halting of street gathering from evening to morning to reduce the flow of citizens. So, the other alternative for this is online shopping, the platform which is now booming in providing all kinds of services.

Online Retailers Hand in Pandemic

Don’t stop celebrating Ramadan due to pandemic, online retailers are here to extend the happiness of celebrations. Sit tight and shop whatever you want for Ramadan online to complete the celebrations. Shop from Ramadan grocery to appliances, clothing to accessories even gifts through online and stay safe. 

The other advantage of online purchases that makes you happy are discounts. You can find Ramadan offers on home needs to personal needs from the comfort of your home and be safe.

Online Shopping Guide

Ramadan Online Shopping Guide

 What comes to mind for Ramadan shopping? The first thought is all about food and beverages. While breaking the fast order some delicious foods from websites like Zomato, Talabat, Operation Felafel. Of course, you can prepare your dishes by ordering Ramadan groceries through stores like NowNow, Noon, QualityFood many more and enjoy cooking. Every store is providing the safest delivery keeping covid regulations in form. Enjoy your favorite snacks, fruits, sweets, dry fruits with amazing food offers and satisfy your savor with the low cost. Why visit every store for discounts, simply visit, a trustworthy coupon aggregator keeping all stores and offers in hand ready. You can search according to your preferences and check for Ramadan food offers on your orders and indulge in tasty meals.

Clothing has always been the top preference for festivals and new beginnings. Along with new attires, you need to get accessories and beauty products to complete the look. Rush now! not to the streets, say it out to online, from ethnic to fashion fusion all you needed for this Ramadan season are available here. Shop from Namshi, Rivafashion, Modanisa, Sivvi, Zaful, Gap many favorite stores and dazzle for this festive month. The online websites are stocking up with a variety of clothes along with bags, accessories, and beauty products covering for males, females, and kids. Shoes from Adidas, Puma, Nike are here to make the runway comfortable. Shop for perfect ethnic looks with Ramadan offers, take the help of to get notified for all these sales which will leave you with the biggest savings.

Ramadan should bring happiness to home as well. It should be groomed with new furniture, kitchenware and decorative pieces visit stores like Danube home, Amazon, Ajmall, Karazlinen, Bloomingdale, and many similar stores. You can shop for home furnishings like sofas, beds, vases, comforters, pillows, kitchenware, and more to make your place look amazing for this Ramadan. Also, shop for electronics and appliances online with Ramadan offers and get them at the lowest prices. Go get all appliances and gadget with best offers and make you living easy. In this pandemic, all online stores like Tavola, AliExpress are ready to provide the best products with amazing discounts and offers. Instead of visiting stores during these days go visit online and live a safe life. 

 If it’s not for Ramadan! Then for what! Covid has no space for online, it couldn’t stop you from praying online, gathering online, and above all shopping online. Pandemic and budget should not be a barrier to bring new things home. Count everything you need, cart them, visit for 100% working Ramadan offers and Ramadan coupons. 

Stay Safe! Stay Healthy!

Happy Ramadan! 

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