Top 10 Summer Styles For Men in Dubai

Dubai summer styles

Dubai is a city in United Arab Emirates which follows a law in dress code called Sha’aria law. Except Dubai other regions in UAE follows this law strictly. Coming to the climatic conditions from the month of November to March, Dubai can be seen with large number of visitors because these months are feasible to visit as the climatic conditions are within comfort zone. On other hand from April to October we see extreme hot condition i.e. temperature varies from 35 to 50 degrees Celsius. To beat this summer heat we made a list of dressing styles to try in Dubai 2020.

Summer Wear for Men

 So, let check out top 10 summer wear trends and styles for men to wear in Dubai.

1. Pants & Trousers

These are simple and light weight clothes for men lowers. This style is originated from Central Asia, coming to summer dressing pants color must be heat reflective and enough contrast to be attractive. Material should be of cotton such that it gives comfort in warm climate. It is available at popular online store Noon on all brands and different kinds of colors.

2. Light Weight Shirts

The shirts which are very light weight they won’t absorb heat from outside in. Light weight shirts are a staple for warm weather and people who prefer a little extra breathability. These casual shirts are made from a lightweight cotton that will keep you cool and comfortable in any condition. Therefore, you can stay cool and relax, this kind of clothing you can find at Ounass online store at good discount and offers.

3. Polos

Polos are the ideal summer staple and a versatile shirt, where any man can own it. Every gentleman has polos in his wardrobe as it’s quite easy wearable and comfortable too. The versatility of men’s polo shirts allows them to be combined with both casual and formal clothing. Plain polos are essentials for any wardrobe, available in neutral and seasonal colors. Basically most of the polos are half hands which won’t make you feel uncomfortable either tightening or rubbing your skin in the high heat temperature. You can find wide range of variety polos at online store Center point.

4. Active Wears

Clothing like sport shoes, tracks & gym shirts comes under active wears. They mostly support for comfort and immense durability which particularly used for gym and exercises. Main moto of these clothes to eliminate heat from our body which tends to keep our body cool and look stylish. Voga Closet online store is a place where you can get top brands and good collections of active wears.

5. T- Shirts

The word “T- shirt” is derived from the body shape which is in the shape of letter “T” combined with shoulder and chest. These shirts traditionally don’t have collars and long sleeves. Most of their material are cotton made, hence heat reflectors. Now upgrade your wardrobe with attractive colors of T-shirts at attractive price by shopping at online store.

6. Light Weight Jackets

Now in this summer don’t forget to wear your jacket to look stylish and trendy if and only if you’re having light weight jackets. These jackets have an additional layer as heat emitters which release heat from our body. It is a tow-in-one jacket where it is capable of protecting you from heat and as well as cold. Get this jacket on you from most popular online store Namshi and get a stylish look in this summer.

7. Summer Jeans

Having long legs and denim material it is difficult to keep body cool even though they suit in warmer climate. But light weight jeans for hot weather can keep body cool even at high temperatures. Material of these jeans are made from light cotton which are pretty breathable and moisture absorbers. Super summer cool jeans are available at your favorite online store 6Th Street.

8. Summer Shorts

Shorts are the best way to look stylish in summer without any issues of high temperatures. They are easily dressed or changed based on occasion and time. For summer wardrobe shorts are the perfect staples. Souq is the best online store to get these summer shorts at very low price.

9. Suits & Blazers

Summer months are here with an undoubted vibe of ease and relaxation. Suits are the essential component for modern gentleman wardrobe, however no one can wear others suit and that depends on seasons too. To beat this summer heat, suits are constructed determining its weight, texture and breathability. These kind of suits are available at H&M online store to buy in budget.

10. Summer Sweaters

After first wave of heat all the wool pullovers are shoved back to wardrobes until coming up next winter. But summer has its chilly night’s breezy mornings so keep your summer sweaters handy. You can find these summer sweaters on popular brands at your Gap online store.

Summer and fashion always go hand in hand for men. Looking awesome becomes easy when temperature drops, but even in summer you can make it look better by following above mentioned styles. Off the top of the head, you probably associate summer styles with the pretty look like pink shorts, polos, summer sweaters etc. Now this summer at Dubai around 50 degrees Celsius you want edgy, athletic, stylish or anything in between can step in and make it happen.

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