Valentine’s Day History & 20+ Gift Ideas


One of the most important days that symbolizes and strengthens relationships, Valentine’s day falls on the 14th of February every year to cherish love, memories, commitment, and togetherness of pairs. This day is widely celebrated all around the world with the utmost preparations and joy by couples. Another important factor that makes this day more special is that gifts are an essential part of 14th February as the tradition of gifts were evolved in the 18th century in England when people started sending gifts, flowers, cards, sweets and other gifts to express their emotions. The present-day context of this celebration is that it honors affection, love, and respect for the people you have in your life as a significant other. 

History of Valentine’s Day

For all its popularity, history doesn’t give us any guarantees as to the origin of Valentine’s Day. But we do know what contains best gist of an early Christian church and ancient world. The association of mid-February romance goes back to the pagan festival known as Lupercalia. The festival had barbaric rituals in which women were beaten and abused which is why it was later Christianized by Pope Gelasius I on February 14th as Valentine’s day in the 5th century in honor of martyred St. Valentines.

St. Valentine’s

St. Valentine was a priest in Rome and was a well-known figure among people. When the emperor, Claudius II decided that single men made better soldiers than that of wedded men, he forbidden marriage. St. Valentine, opposing this outlaw, secretly performing marriages for the young couples. When found out by the emperor, he was sentenced to death. Therefore, the significance of this day is quite heart-touching.

Valentine’s Day in Middle-East

Capturing the hearts of Youth in the Middle East, Valentine’s day is dearly celebrated around the region. While the people plan surprised for their loved ones, the shop and hotel owners are delighted and excited about the upcoming profits. Although, there are some places where Valentine’s day celebration is restricted and banned, countries like Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and Turkey celebrate it publicly and grandly.

Express Your Affection Flowers (UAE Loves to Say it with Flowers)

Expressing emotions, especially love with flowers is the most precious gesture. The day is widely celebrated with Roses. Since rose is considered to be a massive and best source of love, so it is widely used on Valentine’s day. Be it bouquets or just a single flower attached to a gift or a teddy, flowers create a beautiful epiphany. If your partner is not much into roses, a mixed bouquet of pink lilies, white freesia, and bells of Ireland could be a beautiful choice. People send flowers to their loved ones on special occasions, especially on Valentine’s day because it strengthens feelings of romance. To make the most out of your flower gifts, visit Joi Gifts and choose the best quality and fresh flowers for the upcoming Valentine’s day.

9 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Impress the love of your life by giving her something that she would cherish forever. As unique and special your significant other is, every man needs to make her feel as exceptional as possible. Be the reason of her happiness this Valentine’s day and shower your love with the following gift ideas.

1. Preserved Rose

The preserved rose is a symbol of preserving your love with your partner. Make Valentine’s day more special by celebrating your love every day. Gifting her a preserved rose that would last forever and won’t die within a week would allow you both to cherish beautiful memories.

2. The True Love Bundle

A beautiful concept of sharing your love with your loved one, the True Love Bundle is the best option to go for. With a customized star constellation map of the night you both met, a long-lasting rose, this bundle is sure to create ever-lasting memories. Get the star constellation map that was visible on a particular date you both had met or shared a special occasion, modify the color of frame, phrases, etc. to personalize the gift.

3. Waffle Maker

Not a romantic gift, but surely a practical one that your woman will appreciate. Everyone loves to start their breakfast with waffle so why not gift your wifey a mini waffle maker? So both her and you start your day with tasty, scrumptious waffles!

4. Skincare Set


Show that you care for her well-being and gift her a skin-care set. You can also subscribe to a skin-care gift box that will be sent to her every month. Every woman loves good skincare and they brag about it all the time, so impress your girl with this and she will surely love it.

5. Best-Selling Book


If your girl is a reader or not, a best-selling book can’t get away without being read, so if your significant other is a bibliophile or likes a particular genre, grab a book that she will binge-read and hooked-up on.

6. Polaroid Camera


Creating memories is the most precious activity. To create memories of the special Valentine’s day and many more days to come together, a Polaroid camera would capture every memory and occasion you both spend together. She will absolutely like it.

7. Personalized Photo Book

In the modern world of technology and software, what more could be heart-touching than a customized photobook? Print your pictures, write important things, and give it to her on Valentine’s day. Girls love such considerate, meaningful things.

8. Little Black Dress


What could go wrong for a classic LBD? Gift her a gorgeous little black dress that would match her style and could be the perfect dress to wear on Valentine’s day dinner.

9. Essential Oils

Essential oils act as a natural remedy for healing and nurturing the skin. For her delicate skin, and body, give a set of essential oils that would relax her mood even in the mid-day city buzz. She’d be surprised to know about your concern for her skin.

9 Best Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Him

Choosing a gift for him may be tricky, as there is no particular rule of gifting a man because they are not used to be on the “receiving” side of the gift (unless you are a considerate wife/girlfriend who spoils him with gifts every month). However, you can still make him feel treasured and loved on Valentine’s day by considering the following gift ideas.

1. Da Vinci Code Mini Cryptex

For an adventurous take on a romantic gift, the Da Vinci Code mini cryptex is the perfect option. Set a romantic password like ILOVEU so that the other person can crack it open to find the additional gift put inside the cryptex. Find this on and use Amazon promo code to get this item at a great price.

2. A Watch


Watch is an option that can never go wrong for your man. Choose a style based on his personality, be it a vintage Casio watch or a G-shock, you can never go wrong with the vast variety. Being an essential item in everybody’s wardrobe, gifting a watch on Valentine’s day is a classic choice

3. What I Love About You (Book)

This cute book filled with loads of emotions is also another perfect way to start your day with your loved one. Fill in the blanks with 50 reasons why you love your partner and let your love be known. Team it up with a beautiful rose and you are all set with a simple yet heart touching gift.

4. Personalized Airpods


Personalizing anything is a delightful and memorable way to express your feelings, hence, gift your man personalized AirPods! Personalize it with his favorite football club, his name in a different language, with his favorite color, your relationship and much more, the list is endless.

5. Smartphone Camera Lens Kit

The technology gets better and better day by day so why not consider a tech device and gift your man something he would love to explore? A smartphone camera lens kit Is the best preference for those who don’t want to spend much on heavy DSLR’s. Try this cool lens that is handy and inexpensive compared to the actual cameras.

6. Cologne

Every man loves to smell good for his lady which is why gifting a kit of cologne could never go wrong. Think of all strong, manly scents that would drive you crazy when you both are together so focusing on the cologne odor according to your preference would be nice.

7. Games


Which guy in the world doesn’t like gaming? If your man is an eathlete, (we know that you hate it, of course) it’s time to show him some love by gifting him the latest released games and gaming accessories. Be it COD: Modern Warfare or FIFA 20, your boyfriend is going to love your gift!

8. Shoes


Since guys don’t adorn themselves with multiple accessories like women, they are into shoes. Like for real. Gift him a great pair or either sneaker, sleek casual shoes or formal shoes. He will love you more for being so considerate about his fashion.

9. Crunchy Roll Subscription   

Time to put a halt on Netflix & chill. Focus on another portal to chill with your significant other.  Crunchyroll is a website that has every anime and is regularly updated with new episodes every week! If your guy and you are an Otaku, a subscription to Crunchyroll would be a great gift for Valentine’s day.  

Valentine’s Day Dinner & Events

The beautiful day of Valentine’s is incomplete without a proper, wholesome celebration. Exchanging gifts, wishing each other is not enough until and unless you both plan to celebrate this day together. Plan a weekend getaway, a romantic dinner, or approach an unconventional way to celebrate this day by going to concerts and music festivals. Quality time is the goal on Valentine’s day so we have picked a few places that we think would suit your preferences to have the best outcome of Valentine’s day!

1. Dubai Miracle Garden


If you are planning a romantic dinner at your place and wouldn’t want your privacy to be interrupted, strolling around the Dubai Miracle Garden would be a great choice for having a relaxing afternoon and Instagram worthy pictures.

Address: Al Barsha South 3, Dubai Land; Price: AED 55 per person

2. Maluma Concert

Grammy Award winner, Maluma is all set to rock the Valentine’s Day with his 11:11 concert in Dubai. Adopt the unconventional way and enjoy the night out with his Valentine’s day concert.

Location: Coca Cola Arena; Date: 14th February; Timings: From 8:00 pm onwards; Price: AED 295 – AED 895 per person

3. Folly by Nick & Scott

Located in the luxurious Madinat Jumeirah, folly by Nick & Scott is a perfect spot for a romantic dinner. The Valentine’s day package in this hotel consists of an elegant menu with champagne and other add-ups. Relax and enjoy the view of Burj al Arab.

Date: 14th February; Timings: 7:00pm-11:00pm; Location: Madinat Jumeirat; Price: AED 400 per person

5. BQ – French Kitchen & Bar

The BQ-French Kitchen & Bar has an exquisite cuisine prepared by professional chefs experienced from France. Inspired by the Diner En blanc concept, the guests are encouraged to dress up in white. You are guaranteed to experience a relaxed environment in the restaurant with a beautiful ambience and serendipity.

Location: Habootar Palace; Date: 14th February; Time: 12:00pm-4:00pm; Price: AED 350 per person

6. Ossiano

Rated as one of the best restaurants in the UAE, Ossiano is the best place to take your partner for valentine’s day. Express your feelings while enjoying the most appetizing cuisine underwater. The beautiful spiral staircase takes you down in a dining area surrounded by exotic fishes.

Location: Lobby Level, East Tower, Atlantis, The Palm, Palm Jumeriah; Average price for 2: AED 2,000

7. Fogo De Chao


This restaurant is best known for keeping alive the Brazilian grilling technique. The mouth-watering cuts of meat will amaze you and your partner will be appreciative of the place you chose for Valentine’s dinner. The sophisticated, sumptuous ambience is perfect for the romantic night.

Location: Central Park Towers, DIFC; Price: AED 599 (Dinner for 2 & Bottle of grape)

Consumer Spending Habits in the Middle East

People are spending on Valentine’s day more than previous years combined and celebrated with the increased majority of 29% over the past three years. The majority of money is spent on flowers and chocolates, or massive rose bouquets. The easy access to digital payments has made it convenient for couples to deliver gifts to each other if they don’t live in the same city.

Most of the people (as per the Middle East) spend on weekend getaways, extravagant dinners, couple photoshoots, or spas. The value ranges between AED 1,000 to AED 1,500 a couple spends on that day. Whole-day Valentine’s day packages sold on that day range from AED 4,00,000 to AED 1,000 including all fun-filled and romantic activities.

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