7 Most Popular OTT Platforms in UAE: Streaming Is Fun!

Best OTT Platforms in UAE for Entertainment

Entertainment has been integral to our culture’s development. Recreation has been the backbone of culture. Hence, when the pandemic hit, it became difficult for people to go out and get the appropriate kind of entertainment. Thus began the age of streaming services in the world. Though OTT platforms were widespread from the early 2010s, their popularisation has been eminent post-2015.

Streaming services are now called OTTs. The full form of OTT is Over The Top, just like what the viewers want from the content. OTT is a new way of viewing entertainment without limits or boundaries. The content transcends through language, genre and every aspect, which may have been a barrier back then. As the name suggests, OTT is above all the other contemporary ways of consuming entertainment. They have made sure to connect people with great storylines. At present, OTT has more subscribers than traditional media. This is because OTT gives you the freedom to stop, resume, loop, pause and every other factor you want to be in your way.

When we narrow it down to a particular region, it is seen that the Middle East is the biggest consumer market for OTT. In the region, the top country is, of course, UAE. The audience here has been very loyal spectators for years. UAE has always been a great market to introduce new businesses as the beloved people here warmly welcome everyone. The country is infamous for adapting to newness, especially when it is technology. Also, the diversity of people here is insane because every year, the viewership rate increases for different genres in different languages.

Check Out These 7 OTT Platforms In UAE



Netflix is an easily recognisable OTT platform that has an equally loyal fanbase around the world. The OTT platform was established in 1997 when the word was unfamiliar even in urban areas. Their streaming services were later started in 2007. Since then, they have actively conquered the market by offering affordable streaming subscriptions. It began as a pre-rental company that offered movies and shows through DVDs, but later, it came up with this revolutionary idea. With it, the brand kept increasing, and they offered content from all around the world in every language or country. They are one of the best OTT platforms in UAE that offers global streaming services in 190+ countries and in more than 30 languages.

About Netflix Subscription Plans In UAE

Basic Plan

  • Netflix Price in UAE: AED 29/month
  • Quality: SD
  • Screen: 1
  • Device: TV, Computer, Tablet, Smartphone

Standard Plan

  • Netflix Price in UAE: AED 39/month
  • Quality: HD
  • Screen: 2
  • Device: TV, Computer, Tablet, Smartphone

Premium Plan

  • Netflix Price in UAE: AED 56/month
  • Quality: UHD or 4K
  • Screen: 4
  • Device: TV, Computer, Tablet, Smartphone

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Amazon Prime Video

Amazon prime video

Amazon is a brand that has left a mark in the minds of every individual throughout the world. They are the leading e-commerce business that offers several other products and services. From their home solutions to subscription platforms, Amazon never dissatisfies its users. Their OTT is popular in the same way. It is called Amazon Prime Video, which comes with the Prime subscription plan. The brand is really smart to merge e-commerce with entertainment.

How? Well, any customer with a subscription can get free Amazon delivery and prioritised services. This encourages people to opt in for this amazing subscription plan. The e-commerce giant started its OTT platform in 2006, and for 16 years, they have been at the top with quality content and innovative shows. All your favourite channels, like Lionsgate Play, Discovery+ and others, can be accessed from this single subscription. Now get the best of both worlds, e-commerce and entertainment, at prices you cannot believe, only with this exclusive Amazon Prime UAE offer.

About Amazon Prime Subscription Plans In UAE

  • Yearly Basis: AED 140
  • Monthly Basis: AED 16
  • Free Trial: 30 Days

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Disney is a name that stays by your side from childhood till adulthood. It is a source of entertainment that has unparalleled popularity across the world. Even in UAE, they are known for their exceptionally good shows. Unlike other streaming platforms, this company is majorly based on their Walt Disney Company productions. Whether it is cartoon or action hero films, everything is available at Disney+.

The platform offers content from brands like Disney, Marvel, Pixar, National Geographic, Star Wars and shows from the renowned TV network “Star” in some countries. Everything will be displayed on this amazing platform, from original films and TV series to the latest releases. Their collaborations and acquisitions even offer sports-related content. Compared to other platforms, this is a relatively new one that was launched in 2019. Eventually, with exclusive and great content, they have grown to be one of the best OTT platforms in the UAE.

About Disney+ Subscription Plans In UAE

  • Yearly Basis: AED 298.99
  • Monthly Basis: AED 29.99

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Discover the zone of best movies by choosing OSN+ as your streaming app. This OTT platform is home to HBO and Paramount+ content. It is especially focused on the markets that use the language English as well as Arabic. They have a vast collection of Arabic content, which includes shows, movies, sports, documentaries, news and more. They started the business in 2009 and have flourished pretty well. With every new update, they come up with even better content on the platform.

OSN even supports music channels and kid’s channels. Other than that, they have a few more content related to ABC Studios, ITV Choice, Disney+ and others. People who are a fan of Turkish shows can also choose this platform. The OTT platform is the right destination for blockbusters and award-winning entertainment content. A reminder that OSN is now rebranded as OSN+, which means it is better than before, and all the streaming subscribers are going to enjoy it. Now, this is a bonus you cannot ignore: get this amazing subscription at the lowest prices with these special OSN promo codes. Being one of the best OTT platforms in UAE, they like to keep their content viewer-centric.

About OSN+ Subscription Plans In UAE

  • Yearly Basis: AED 300
  • Monthly Basis: AED 35
  • Free Trial: 7 Days
  • Screen: 5

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Another famous OTT platform that has won hearts in the UAE is none other than Starzplay. This streaming subscription bears the greatest and most demanded movies, shows, documentaries, etc. The content sourced here is of the highest quality. The Middle East and North Africa are blessed to have this OTT as they never compromise on their services. Users can explore content from Paramount, Lionsgate, Disney, Sony, Warner Bros and CBS here. Watch the shows with Arabic, English and French subtitles, as well as audio options. This OTT platform in UAE is comparatively new, as it was launched in 2014, yet they have a hard grip on the audience in the United Arab Emirates. StarzPlay currently has thousands of contents that are specified for over 18 countries in the MENA region, where you can get this service at a reasonable discount with Starz Play coupons.

About StarzPlay Arabia Subscription Plans In UAE

  • Monthly Basis: AED 40
  • Free Trial: 7 Days

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Apple TV+

apple tv+

Apple TV+ is a streaming service that requires a subscription for access. It was launched in 2019 to offer the entertainment-loving audience the best content. The OTT platform is famous in the UAE for its “Apple Originals”. The service showcases award-winning and critically acclaimed shows featured for an audience that enjoys premium content. It is a global project that maintains the standard of Apple.

As the brand is well known, people do tune into this platform in the Middle East. Their master move was to attract the audience with a one-year of free subscription to whoever makes a purchase at the Apple store. This led them to enhance their customer base and create stronger relations. Their content features the biggest artists like Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Aniston, and so many more celebrities. Though it is available for both Android and iOS platforms, the user experience varies from device to device. It can be proclaimed as the best streaming app for Apple devices.

About Apple TV+ Subscription Plans In UAE

  • Free Trial: 3 Months [On Buying Apple Device]
  • Free Trial: 7 Days
  • Monthly Basis: AED 27.99
  • Apple One Offer: 1 Month Free Trial
  • Apple One: AED 46.95/month

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The rise in K-culture is no joke! After BTS and Parasite made it big in the respective industries, people started to take an interest in Asian content. Suddenly, people have recognised the worth of good core Asian shows. K-drama leads this scenario. The K stands for Korea, which includes masterpieces from South Korea. That’s why Viu started with a cumulative platform that features the best Asian shows. It is also focused on 16 markets that include the Philippines, Singapore, UAE, Oman, Thailand and the rest of the MENA region. The OTT platform has gained enough recognition over the years for being a one-stop destination for the best Asian shows and movies.

About Viu Arabia Subscription Plans In UAE

  • Free Trial: 7 Days
  • Monthly Basis: AED 8
  • SMS Sign Up: AED 6/month

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Insights About Increase In OTT Viewership

Let’s understand why viewership has increased by reflecting on the activities in the past few years. In the year 2020, when there was a pandemic outbreak, people lost all their hopes of living a happy life again. Everyone was stuck within the confines of four walls, and there was no way to go out or enjoy a bit. But then people realised the fun of OTT entertainment. During those sad times, people discovered a way to make a little happy time for themselves. That’s when there was a huge buzz regarding OTT platforms.

Top shows like Squid Game and others made a debut on them, which gained a high viewership. The rise in viewership gave a vital loyal fanbase to each person. Soon, they recognised that there is more than 1 OTT platform to enjoy. Currently, the viewership rate reaches a peak with every new release and latest update. According to surveys, more than 68% of households use OTT platforms as their daily source of entertainment. This rate keeps growing with the improvements. If we focus on the population of UAE, then the rate of OTT consumption is about 59%, which includes kids, adults and senior citizens.

5 Benefits Of Choosing OTT Over Traditional Entertainment Modes

  1. OTT platform users can take advantage of independent viewing. This gives them the freedom to choose a show to their taste. Users can also pause the content and resume it later as per their time and leisure boundaries. However, it is also advised to spend your leisure time on other recreational methods. Divulge in the best UAE books that you must read from the comfort of your home while learning something new.
  2. The subscription-based fee helps OTT users select plans within their budgets and get access to unlimited or myriad shows.
  3. The vast content presence helps the users to choose the right show, movie or series according to their moods. 
  4. With one OTT subscription, multiple people can watch the content on multiple devices. This means sharing is not an issue when you choose OTT. At the same time, everyone can enjoy their personally preferred content without any barriers.
  5. OTT platforms have given a stage to budding and big creators, which gives consumers the right to support what’s best. Diversity and conscience are put behind each piece of content, which is a mesmerising factor.

Other Popular OTT Platforms In UAE

Eros NOW

Eros Now

Eros is a well-known brand that offers great content through its OTT platform. To access that, users in the UAE need to pay just AED 11.99 per month. The subscription can be cancelled as per the user’s decision.

MBC Shahid

MBC Shahid

Shahid is an on-demand OTT platform that focuses on the MENA region. They have a great follower base in the UAE. Subscribe to this flawless streaming service for AED 29.99 per month and get to watch unlimited drama, romance and comedy shows. This is also very popular among OTT platforms in UAE.

BeIN Connect

bein connect

BeIN is yet another cherished OTT platform in the UAE that has the latest movies, cartoons, TV shows and sports. They offer packages that are pocket-friendly. This includes their 24-month plan of AED 4,848 and 12-month plan of AED 2,424. Other than that, they have a monthly subscription of AED 202 and even a different 3 monthly subscription for AED 606.



Similar to VIU, there is one more Asian drama streaming service which is called iQiyi. The OTT platform offers to view of Chinese dramas, Thai dramas, anime, and Korean dramas. It allows a total of four screen viewership plans at just AED 36.36 for a month. Whereas for a year, they will charge AED 367.26. Both these plans are pretty affordable. This can be called the best streaming app for all those Asian drama lovers.

5 Most Subscribed OTT Platforms

  1. Netflix: 238.39 Million
  2. Amazon Prime Video: 200 Million
  3. Disney+: 161.8 Million
  4. Apple TV+: 25 Million
  5. ESPN+: 25.2 Million

5 Advantages & Disadvantages Of Using OTT Platforms

AffordabilityThe subscriptions are low priced to make them accessible to a wide range of entertainment consumers.The prices might increase due to inflation and other monetary factors.
ContentThe content is fresh and versatile and is suitable for people with different tastes.The content is limited as all the platforms have their respective shows, serials and movies.
Picture QualityThe quality is amazing and looks better than traditional entertainment modes.Some OTT platforms charge extra fees for HD and 4K viewing.
InternetYou can download your favourite shows while within internet connectivity and view them later when the network is not available.Bad internet can cause a bad experience, as it is a major aspect of OTT screening.
FlexibilityUnlike other methods of entertainment, one can enjoy OTT platforms in UAE as per their preferred dates and timings.The flexibility of times leads to overnight watching and content viewership addiction.

7 Shows That Created The Loyal Fanbase For OTTs

  1. Netflix – Squid Games Season 1
  2. Amazon Prime Video – The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power
  3. Disney+ – The Mandalorian Season 2
  4. Apple TV+ – Ted Lasso
  5. Hulu – The Kardashians
  6. StarzPlay – The Great
  7. OSN+ – Game Of The Thrones

Brief About The Target Audience Of OTT Platforms

Just like any other business, even OTT platforms have a certain target audience. They mostly focus on tech-savvy people. This includes people from the age of 18 to 34. Nowadays, having a smartphone is not a big deal for teens and even retired individuals. The bottom line is that everyone owns one. That’s why OTT platforms try to give the best possible features and experience through phone viewing. They prioritise the phone as the first platform, and some even have special subscription plans for this.

More than approximately 72% of people have the habit of consuming OTT as their regular entertainment. To streamline this for all age groups, OTT platforms in UAE have kids and adults appropriate content. They even have separate channels for underage kids. People in Europe, Asia and the Middle East are the biggest target audience for such platforms. Not less than 100 million subscribers are from these particular regions.

7 Facts About OTT Platforms

  1. The trend of OTT platforms began back in the early 2000s. It was founded on developing technology and innovation.
  2. Netflix was the OTT platform that was well-known among the common people. 
  3. There are over 200 million people who find comfort in OTT platforms for their day-to-day entertainment.
  4. People assume that OTTs only have web series. But they also have documentaries, podcasts, movies and much more content to entice the audience. 
  5. The yearly subscriptions to OTT platforms are much cheaper than monthly ones. However, they have special offers and plans for students or seasons. 
  6. There are more than 60% of millennials who use OTT platforms in UAE. 
  7. In 2023, the market size of OTT Platforms and viewership has increased twice the size of what it was before. Even there are more OTT service producers and aggregators in the current market.

Know About The First OTT Platform: Changed The Game Of Entertainment

You guessed it right: the first OTT platform in the world is none other than Netflix. Describing or addressing OTT as NETFLIX is so common because it is the pioneer. The rental movie and show company came up with this brilliant idea for changing the trajectory of the entertainment business. They started this in 2007, and undeniably, the business has been successful. Netflix is basically the flagbearer of OTT platforms. That is certainly the reason for them having the most loyal subscribers. No one would have imagined switching from TV to mobile phones in those days.

Well, this made Netflix rethink a lot, and they are now even available on TVs, laptops and every entertainment device. The global expansion of Netflix paved the way for other OTT platforms to walk on. But right now, there is neck-to-neck competition, which Netflix still aces. The point is not about how many years you have been in the industry. The Netflix team understands that all too well and observes the audience’s needs. With this survey, they excel in the art of providing customer satisfaction. OTT platforms in UAE are known for their adaptive viewership, and hence, Netflix’s versatile content made its way into the hearts of the people.


In the end, we can say that OTT platforms are the new normal way of entertainment. They have so much content in one place that you will not be bored even with a subscription to one app. Everyone who wants a little refreshment or wants to binge-watch a show should definitely utilise the OTT platform subscriptions. Usually, the money charged by this is more worth it because you will have access to unlimited genres, languages and content without paying for each individually. It is the “whatever and whenever” zone of entertainment which will help you enjoy the moment without any interruptions.

Also, another great thing about OTT platforms is that they do not have any advertisements. This is one of the major factors which interests the regular mass. Further, parents in UAE can use OTT to educate their kids as there are special kids’ dedicated shows and channels along with parental locks. That means a child can watch only what is appropriate for their age. In their OTT profile, anything flagged will 18+ will not appear. All these should be enough reasons for entertainment lovers to utilise the power of OTT platforms in the UAE. At the same time, watch the best content by choosing the most popular OTT platforms in UAE because why settle for less?

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