Amazon Prime Day Subscription: Free 1 Month + Unlimited Benefits

Amazon Prime Subscription

Today’s tech-savvy society has brought everything to our doorsteps, and we all know who is leading the game. People turn to Amazon, the world’s largest e-commerce site, without hesitation to meet all of their demands and necessities. While you rest in the luxury of your own home, authentic and genuine products are delivered at a glance. The icing on the cake is the well-known Amazon Prime Subscription that comes with a slew of perks to ensure users get the most out of every purchase.


Why one should have Amazon Prime Subscription?

Here are the unparalleled advantages of having a subscription that will ensure your shopping experience to be ahead of everyone!

1. Enjoy hassle-free, fast delivery on every order

If you are stepping back due to the discomforts of heavy shipping charges, think no more! Amazon Prime offers a plethora of shipping benefits and an array of options to accelerate hassle-free deliveries at no extra cost.

The details are as follows:


Eligible Items: Every valid product will have a Prime logo attached beside the prices to avoid confusion. All you need to look for is a Prime badge and you can evade the tedious ongoing search for the shipping charges.

  • Members can now access free delivery. You read it right! On every purchase of Prime Eligible items, smooth, free shipping is prioritized.
  • Amazon offers Free Day Delivery across UAE with no minimum purchase value. The Free Next Day Delivery is available in certain cities on selected items.
  • Free Expedite International Delivery is available across a hundred eligible categories shipped by Amazon US through Amazon. ae. A minimum order value of AED 100 is necessary for this offer. You can also enjoy Discounted Priority Delivery of AED 20 for International orders.
  • Free Same Day Delivery is available on qualified items by meeting the following criteria:
  1. The value of the shopping cart should be a minimum of AED 100 for Free Same Day Shipping.
  2. In case the order value is below AED 100, a shipping charge of AED 9 will be levied on the total order value.
  3. Customers from specified metro areas can avail themselves of the offer by placing the request before midnight.

2. Get a chance to entirely access Amazon originals through Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video has been one of the largest forums to display marvellous cinematographic creations from varied nationalities, languages, and genres. It is an international hub to celebrate cultures, artistry, and mastery all under one roof. You get a chance to become a part of this festival today!

Amazon Prime Video
  • Thousands of movies, TV shows, and original works like The Family Man, Manchester City, Mirzapur, etc. are now accessible to stream exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.
  • There is no additional cost because you are a Prime member. Prime Video is an epitome of an affordable yet luxurious lifestyle.
  • Watch on your TVs, phones, and tablets whenever you want, whether online or downloaded for an offline party!

3. Indulge in the world of art through Prime Music and Prime Reading

The best therapy to uplift your mood is through a musical escapade or narrative illusion. One of the biggest advantages of being a Prime member is having the ability to access innumerable songs, audiobooks, and other manuscripts for free.

  • Listen to your favorite music and podcasts from a playlist of over 70 million songs, ad-free using Amazon Prime Music.
  • Obtain more than a thousand eBooks, comics, magazines, and more with Prime Reading.

4. Bring out your natural gaming instincts with Prime Gaming

The world of esports and gaming has always attracted attention among the youth. If you identify yourself as one of them, Amazon has specially curated an interactive platform to help you explore games with stylistic graphics and smart controls.

Prime Gaming
  • Every month, Prime members get a selection of free games that are skillfully developed for entertainment as well as sharpening of skills.
  • A premium Twitch channel subscription is available every 30 days, which includes a larger range of chat emotes and colours, an exclusive chat badge, and more.
  • Prime members get free in-game goodies and other profitable offers.

5. Prime Early Access and exclusive deals

Grab luxurious silhouettes, crafted necessities, and dreamy merchandise at arresting deals. The Prime Exclusive Deals on Amazon are the limited-time Lightning Deals or Deals of the Day that are only available to Prime members.

Early Access to Amazon Prime
  • Amazon Prime members get 30-minute early access to Prime-eligible exclusive Deals with Prime Early Access.
  • Any product eligible for Prime Early Access will be labelled with the former and will also reflect in the cart.
  • Similarly, Price Exclusive Deals available only to Prime members will be advertised on the category pages along with the product details page.
  • Shop for clothing, electronics, accessories, tools, groceries, and much more.
  • Prime members are also treated with economic rates and magnetic discounts on every purchase throughout the year.

Promotional codes available

Amazon. ae has partnered with MasterCard in UAE to provide membership to its customers. Users of Platinum, World, and World Elite MasterCard credit cards that are issued by banks in the United Arab Emirates can enjoy this offer.

  • You will receive a promo code from the MasterCard that can be redeemed on Amazon .ae for a one-year Prime membership.
  • If you are an existing Prime member, then on acquiring the promo code, your membership will be extended by one year.
  • The offers are redeemable both on the website and the app.

Amazon Prime Membership Offers

Prime Membership OfferOffer DetailsValidity
Amazon Free Prime MembershipACTIVATE07/31/2021
Amazon Father’s Day e Gift CardACTIVATE06/30/2021

Get Free Amazon Prime Subscription Now

Still hesitant and suspicious about the too-good-to-be-true offer? Rightfully,  every person deserves a taste of the deal before diving into extensive benefits. Thus, Amazon .ae offers a Free 30- day trial after which a monthly payment as low as AED 16 will be charged.

Free Amazon Prime Subscription
  • Choose a monthly subscription of AED 16 inclusive of VAT.
  • Choose a yearly subscription of AED 140 inclusive of VAT.
  • Sign up for membership through your Amazon account and verify your login details, password, and modes of payment.
  • The accepted payment options are credit or debit cards, net banking, and Amazon Pay Wallet.
  • The membership is accessible both on the website and the app.
  • The membership enables you to savour benefits like early access to Amazon sales, cashback on selected orders, free deliveries, and one-of-a-kind discounts.
  • The Free Trial is only available for new users of Amazon Prime.
  • All users, both old and new can relish yearly advantages and gifts.

Amazon Prime Membership is extremely affordable and can be cancelled as per convenience. Every time your subscription plan is over, a notification will be sent to you via the registered mobile number and email so that you do not have to worry about reminders and timely payments.

Being a valuable member of Amazon Prime with a subscription has immense value and rewards. While you enjoy and acquire the benefits of online shopping, you also get to treat yourself now and then. Stepping into the world of online shopping and not getting a taste of Amazon’s Prime subscription is a big no. If you are new to this platform, it is advisable to become a part of the extensive Amazon family for easement of purchasing while saving that extra penny.

So why wait? Hurry and become a Prime Member now!

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