Men Bored Staying Idle? The Best to Do List is Here from Rezeem

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There is no way we can step out of home in this panic situation. Boredom could be a real torture, not knowing what to do at home. Like they say an ‘idle man’s brain is devil’s workshop’, it is essential to keep oneself busy and get out of the state of boredom. Though it becomes tough to kill time, you need to pull up your socks and start doing something.

You just cannot sleep all the time or message your friends on your mobile. Keep yourself away from social media and do something to ensure productivity. There are many activities to do to keep yourself busy. Sometimes, you can relax too by talking to your family, watching movies, playing with your kids etc.

Here is a list of things to do to get rid of your boredom.

Start Reading a Book

Books are a good companion. They develop your imagination and creativity skills. A great way to relax and refresh your mind. Explore books from different genres like drama, fiction, thriller, horror, romance etc. Pick a book of your choice from your favourite genre and keep reading. Don’t have one? then do order today to have a book ready from Jarir bookstore to read.

Shop Online

Getting bored of sitting idle? Browse online, some cool fashion. As you have access to many e-commerce sites and apps go through fashion portals. During your working days, you might not find time for yourself but this is your time. Purchase latest trendy styles from fashion sites like Centrepoint, VogaCloset, Max Fashion, Ounass, 6th Street and much more. Also, buy stylish accessories to match with your outfits. Before making a purchase, visit Rezeem for updated and verified coupons of these online stores and redeem savings.

Offer a Helping Hand in Cooking

Help your mom, wife or sister in cooking a meal. Ask them if they need any kind of help. Start by doing simple activities like washing dishes, filling up bottles etc. Feel free to lend a hand, by cutting vegetables. Surprise them by cooking their favourite dish and get compliments.

Spend Time with Your Family

This is the right opportunity to spend quality time with your family. Have great conversations and do some fun-filled activities along with them. Enjoy playing indoor games with your kids. Help your kids in their homework and studies.

Household Chores

Kill your time by doing some household stuff. Get the clothes from the laundry bag, put them in the washing machine and dry them after washing is done. Clean your hall, bedroom, kitchen etc. Do gardening, and throw the garbage from time to time.

Watch Movies

When you are bored and tired of doing household work watch your favourite movies by binging on popcorn. Look out for the movies that you have missed in the theatres, make a list and keep watching. This is a great way to escape from boredom where Starz play will help you to have fun filled days.

Listen to Music

Plugin your headphones and listen to your favourite tracks. Make a playlist by choosing your favourite tunes. If you are a music lover, it consumes almost 5 hours of your time without you even realizing it.

Be Creative

Try your hand at art. Invoke the artist inside you by drawing & painting some exotic sceneries. Search online for new art ideas and start working on them. 

Learn Something New

Brush up your skills and also try to learn something new. Develop new skills that meet the requirements and standards of your workplace. Enrol in your desired courses online and make a route-map of your career. This way you will fruitfully utilize your time.


Relax and calm yourself with Meditation. Practice some breathing exercises which helps your internal organs. Make it a routine to do yoga and exercises daily to keep yourself fit and healthy.

Follow Your Hobbies

This is a great time to work on your hobbies. Spare time for your hobbies as you will obviously enjoy doing them. Hobbies keep you engaged and busy always.

These are just a few activities you could do from the comfort of your home. Get rid of your boredom and start working to escape from those lazy days. Make a list of what you wish to do in a day and abide by the to-do list. You will have a great time going ahead. 

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