Holy Month of Ramadan 2021: Dates, Celebrations, Traditional Food & Destinations


According to Islamic lunar calendar, Muslims celebrate ninth month as Ramadan, fast from sunrise to sun set for approximately 30 days. Moon’s phases have monthly cycles based on lunar calendar. Muslims believe that in seventh century Holy Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad by the archangel Gabriel, in the month of Ramadan. In whole month of Ramadan, last 10 days are consider to be the holiest. Among those days one night is very important known as Laylat Al Qadr or the “Night of Power” which is believed as holiest night in the year by all the Muslims.


In this 2020, Ramadan is celebrated from Thursday 23rd April to Saturday 23rd May. During this season most of the Muslims spend their time in performing charitable acts, prayers and serving the poor. To spend additional time in prayers during Ramadan season, Muslim countries often shorten their workdays. General working times in Ramadan month is from 9 AM to 2 PM and for this 2020 timings are yet to be announced.


The main big events of Ramadan season are Suhoor and Iftar. Suhoor is celebrated before the beginning of the dawn and Iftar is celebrated by ending of the sunset. During Suhoor they prefer to take light meals like dates, fruits etc. coming to Iftar, large meal is served. Which is enjoyed by families, making traditional food and having an attire of traditional dress. Many hotels host buffet and traditional gathering until early hours of the morning.

Traditional Ramadan Food

Changing structure of their meals compared to daily life is a biggest challenge for Muslims to follow during Ramadan. In Ramadan times most of the people who follow the rules will make a certain strategy in their meal. By taking calculated food with protein, carbohydrates and more so that they can go through the day. Some rich protein food like eggs, legumes, almonds and more are preferably added in their daily plans. Here are some of the Ramadan special foods

  • Dates

Over centuries for Muslims, dates have been the most important foods and they believe that it is consumed by Prophet Mohammad. In any Ramadan occasion you will see dates on the table, which helps to sustain the fast. In terms of health, dates contain high amount of fiber and sugar which are enough to maintain body metabolism thorough out the day.

  • Eggs

In Suhoor meals, eggs are the vital products on the table which are eaten throughout Ramadan. They are taken in many ways like omelet, scramble with vegetables and more. Basically they are high in protein which provides immense muscle strength. Fats and protein present in egg are released slowly into body which also helps in beating the hunger.

  • Farina

It is basically made up of milled wheat with mixture of milk or water and consumed as breakfast. No need to add sugar to this meal because wheat tastes sweet and also milk which is sweet as well. Even this meal also gives same additional result like other foods, by releasing energy slowly. You can also add sliced fruits, nuts and more to this meal to give a flavored taste.

  • Fattoush

This meal is a fresh salad which is common throughout Middle East countries which is often served at buffets for the breakfast before fasting. It contains lettuce, cucumber, tomato, mint leaves, onions and more. The key attraction of this food is the way it is dressed which really makes it look outstanding dish.

  • Harees

In Arab states this meal is the most common in Ramadan traditional food and it is also available in non-arab countries also. It is cooked with chicken, butter, cracked wheat and more which is similar to porridge in state of consistency. After preparation it is seasoned with dry onions, nuts and served with vegetable salad as side dishes.

  • Babur Lambuk

You can find this kind of meal in Malaysian regions which is also known as their traditional food. It is usually consumed during Iftar time to break the hunger, looks similar to Harees in terms of consistency. It is dressed toppings with fenugreek, cardamom and more. It takes more time to cook and to get that perfect consistency.

Destinations to Visit During Ramadan

For both Muslims and non-Muslims here are the top destinations to visit, which gives an amazing experience of Ramadan celebrations and traditions in the holy month. Here are the top places as discussed below

  • Fes, Morocco

City of Casablanca one of the most scenic spots in the country. It has beautiful medieval walled city and grand mosque, its great place to discover the history and culture with a contrast with modern days. Here the main attractions are cannon which fires signaling the end of fasting. Fun activities, festivals foods are setup on the streets with lightings and live music.

  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

After sunset the Petaling street, Central Bukit Bintang in Kuala Lumpur are the most attractive places with delicious food and eye fest shopping. You can see Ramadan Bazar which is basically an eat street with lots of food items starting from breakfast to large meals. All the National Mosque are open free for the tourists.

  • Istanbul, Turkey

Mesmerizing blue mosque, Turkish restaurants, walking along Bosphorous just before the sunset is must experience time in Istanbul. During this special month in Turkey, check the old town of Sultanahmet where all the activities held.

  • Cairo, Egypt

Ramadan Fanous which are known as Ramadan Lantern are traditionally setup in the streets of Cairo including homes, restaurants, mosque and more during the holy month. For signaling the end of fasting these lanterns are lightening up after sunset. All the people in Egypt love getting together with families and enjoy their meals. They love to celebrate Iftar moments in groups so, most of them are found in festive crowd.

  • Dubai and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

This is best time to get into UAE and make your joy immersed in distinct cultures and fun at one place. During Ramadan, UAE is the best spot i.e. from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. You can visit hundreds of places around the region where you can break your hunger with tasty snacks and meals.

You can find huge tents called as Bedoiun which are the major Ramadan attractions, where Iftar party is held. Even they also shout out end of fasting by signaling through cannons fire.

Celebrate this Ramadan grandly by visiting the above places mentioned and also enjoy the delicious food by giving treat to your taste buds. Follow our Rezeem page and get to know exciting deals and coupons of the restaurants and travel fares. Use Ramadan discount codes and offers to enjoy this Ramadan 2020 at affordable prices.


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