Top 10 Holiday Destinations in GCC You Must Visit

top holiday destinations in gcc

Travelling is a pleasure, but what if you are not sure of the places you want to visit? If you are planning on tours to destinations across the Gulf countries. This is the perfect place to get details on your favourite holiday mood. Book for desert safari, sightseeing tours and attractions, theme parks, water parks, and many more. Collect the best memories according to services and seasonality. Go ahead and reserve your hotel stays to witness the grandeur of these experiences.

We are an amazing online guide who can share our expertise and facts about every place you intend to visit. Explore all the places like malls and parks to feel exciting adventures and activities like never before. Sit back and relax as we take you through the list of the best holiday destinations in GCC.

Our creative team has curated a hassle-free method for those travel enthusiasts who make sudden travel plans and holiday trips. Let’s have a look at the exciting destinations.

1. Dubai

holiday destination dubai

The heart of Arab culture, Dubai is one of the world’s most visited places. It is a glittering beauty packed with a sandy coast, eateries, museums, malls and amusement parks. Whatever your favoured mood swing, you’ll enjoy yourself thoroughly here. Home to the affluent Burj Khalifa, Dubai is leading the list. Below are some spots you can think of visiting apart from the Marina, Dubai Mall, and Wild Wadi Water Park.

Indulge in the anticipation of experiencing the unrivaled beauty of Dubai. Act swiftly to secure your tickets and prepare for an extraordinary voyage like no other. Unlock exclusive rates and embark on a budget-friendly holiday that promises unforgettable moments and cherished memories. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness the ultimate allure of Dubai at its finest.

  • Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood: Located at Bur Dubai, it gives the chills of what old Dubai was like.
  • Dubai Safari: Located at Al Warqa, it is an apt place to take family and kids. You will love the close encounter with around 300 species of birds and animals.
  • Abra Ride: If you want to beat the heat, hop on the Abra Ride, located at Bur Dubai.
  • Zabeel Park: Located near the Jafiliya Metro Station, it is lusciously green and close to the city’s centre so visitors who are not sure of roads and directions can enjoy it.
  • Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum’s House: Located at Al Shindaga, you will see a variety of impressive collection of exhibits here since the house has been converted into a museum.
  • Saruq Al Hadid Museum: Located in the Shindaga district, get to know and learn about the iron age of the Arabian Peninsula.
  • Jumeirah Beach: The lush white sand beach is well known for its picturesqueness. One of the best highlights of this beach is that the top hotels like Burj Al Arab and Jumeirah Beach Hotel are located on the coast of this beach.
  • Jumeirah Mosque: Reminiscent of the Fatimid style Mosque, they allow non-Muslims six days a week, setting it apart from the other Mosques.
  • Hatta City: The city is an exclave of Dubai. This restored centuries-old Hatta Heritage place features stone houses, a defensive tower, a traditional water system, falaj, antique crockery, traditional weapons, furniture and many quaint things.
  • Palm Island: Located on the coast of Dubai is Palm Island which consists of three artificial islands, Palm Jumeirah, Deira Island, and Palm Jebel Ali and is one of the most famous man-made inventions in the world.

Expect nothing less than a lavish experience in Dubai.

2. Sharjah

holiday destination sharjah

Sharjah is a remarkable city to travel within the UAE. It is home to some must visit places, including the Heritage District, Sharjah Heritage Museum, Mahattah Fort, and King Faisal Mosque. Few main attractions of Sharjah include:

  • Sharjah Classic Cars Museum: Next to Sharjah International Airport, this museum showcases more than 100 cars, motorcycles and bikes, with the earliest model dating from 1917.
  • Arabian Wildlife Center: Located at Al Dhaid Road, discover the amazing diversity of indigenous wildlife found on the Arabian Peninsula.
  • Emirates Handcraft Centre: Shop for souvenirs such as date molasses and watch artisans at work making items like palm-leaf baskets at this interesting place.
  • Sharjah Archaeology, Bait al Naboodah, Sharjah Islamic, Sharjah Al Hisn, Sharjah Maritime: These museums lit up the path to the history of Sharjah city, and few mark the trail of Islamic civilizations.
  • Emirates Fine Arts Society: Keen on arts and culture? Then, visit this place as this place provides the significance of arts in the Emirates.

Sharjah also has a special aura, so you must plan your next holidays there.

3. Abu Dhabi

holiday destination abudhabi

Abu Dhabi is one of the most beautiful and appealing cities to visit. Being the UAE’s capital city, this fantastic city contains a number of landmarks that you must explore. Abu Dhabi is constantly a tornado of activity with iconic sights around every corner. Some of the captivating sights include:

  • Sheikh Zayed Mosque: This 82-dome piece of architectural brilliance is not only a pious place to worship but also enriched with a value-added library to enlighten people’s minds.
  • Masdar City: Located near the Abu Dhabi international airport, the famous Masdar Institute of Science and Technology is open for visitors throughout the day to praise its modern architecture.
  • Ferrari World: Located on Yas Island, it is the largest indoor theme park in the world.
  • Marina and Yas Mall: These malls offer a lot of amusement and are every shopper’s dream.
  • Yas Bay Waterfront: Yas Bay waterfront, located on Yas Island, is one of the top sea view destinations in Abu Dhabi, contributing to a wide range of leisure facilities including hotels, restaurants and other indoor activities.
  • Al Jahili Fort: This fort is symbolic of the traditional architecture and cultural heritage of Abu Dhabi.
  • Emirates Palace: Located on a pristine private beach, Abu Dhabi’s Emirates Palace Mandarin Oriental embodies sheer luxury and displays Arabian hospitality at its finest.

Let go of the dilemma, and do not forget to check out Abu Dhabi if you are planning your next holiday trip.

4. Fujairah

holiday destination fujairah

Fujairah is a stunning city with year-old history, majestic museums, forts, the greatest mosques of all time, and many snorkelling and diving places. Furthermore, the expansive desert keeps you intrigued and makes you want to explore several other thrilling places. Here are additional places you must try if you are in Fujairah:

  • Al Bidya Mosque: Located between the Gulf and the Hajar Mountains, this oldest extant mosque has special historic importance apart from its alluring archaeology.
  • Fujairah Museum: Located in Fujairah City, this heritage museum is filled with excavated tools, crafts, weapons and other artefacts of ancient civilizations.
  • Fujairah Fort: The fort is adjoined to the museum, which paved the way to perfectly exhibit the historical era.
  • Snoopy Island: Located on the northern coast of the Emirate of Fujairah, on the Gulf of Oman with the Hajar Mountains at the back, the island provides solitude and relaxation through activities like scuba diving and other water sports.

Everyone should once explore Fujairah to fulfil all their holiday desires.

5. Jeddah

holiday destination jeddah

Everyone dreams of visiting Jeddah at least once, and so should you. Jeddah is the most luxurious and breathtaking city to explore. There are so many iconic attractions and a bunch of enticing places. Along with that, coupon codes will bring massive discounts making your experience worth revering. Discover wonders at Jeddah with:

  • King Fahd’s Mountain: Located in the middle of the red sea and entering the Guinness Book of Records, this tallest fountain, also known as Jeddah Fountain, is a much-loved landmark.
  • Al Balad: It is the prime gateway to the historical era of Jeddah. It is a town constructed with coral stones and decorated with intricate latticed windows.
  • Jeddah Yacht Club: Located on the Al Kurnaysh Br Road, the yacht club’s adventures and spectacular explorations are endless. Enter into a realm of sailing, celebrating, or unwinding by reserving a berth for visitors.
  • Fakieh Aquarium: If you have a flair for the coral reef, then this unique marine exhibition housing more than 200 species is sure to fill your faces with awe and smile.
  • Al Shallal Park: Known for its cheerful ambience and merriness, this amusement park is sure to give you the right excitement you need for your holiday.

Make a checklist and start planning right away!

6. Riyadh

holiday destination riyadh

Suppose you are looking for a luxurious, affordable family vacation. In that case, you should look no further than visit Riyadh, which offers all the luxuries and pampering of urban culture along with mouth-watering delicacies. Further, earn endless memories with:

  • Sky Bridge at Kingdom Center: Located on the 99th floor at the heart of the city, the sky bridge entitles you to a panoramic view of the entire city.
  • Rawdat Tinhat: Located in the Rumah province, this camping site is a grove of plants covered with aromatic tulips and in tune with the beautiful sounds of birds, great atmosphere and fresh air.
  • Al Murabba Palace: Into history? Then, this place should catch your attention. Riyadh’s heritage lives through the walls of this palace.
  • Saqr Al-Jazira Aviation Museum: A fan of aircraft, helicopters and other aviation skills is sure to be captivated by this phenomenal museum which portrays the same in detail.
  • Doos Karting: Get ready for a never heard before karting experience with doos karting. Their multi-level tracks, comfortable seating, cabinets for changing clothes, free Wi-Fi and parking lots make them stand out.
  • The Zoo: Enjoy an exceptional fun-filled time amidst the wildlife while enjoying the walks or gala-time with friends and family over snacks or drinks.
  • Escape the room: With the rooms divided as prison, Bank, Mafia and Saw, play puzzles, crack codes and solve the symbols to escape from these rooms. Whilst you try to finish with the limited time, you can have a lot of fun when doing so.
  • Wadi Namar and Alwaha Park: To take a break from lifes’s physical and mental exhaustion, indulge in great times by coming in contact with nature at these parks.

Immerse yourself in the Riyadh culture and history by visiting these sites today!

7. Tabuk

holiday destination tabuk

It is time to make memories that count! Tabuk celebrates life by offering explicit places like Moses Springs near Maqna. Plan the perfect family vacation and enjoy the best traditional cuisines, Inns, and leisure options. Unveil further options at Tabuk with the following:

  • Tabuk Castle: The castle’s well is home to people on their way to Makkah and Medina. It has two mosques, stairwells and watchtowers that wonderfully enclose its history.
  • Al Disah Valley: Lure yourself into the world of hiking or landscaping through the oases of pools, tall grasses and palm trees of this exotic wind-sculpted sandstone columned valley.
  • Maghaer Shuaib: A historic destination to relive the memories of the past.

A must-add to your bucket list!

8. Dammam

holiday destination dammam

You can experience unrivalled luxury at Dammam. It is the ideal holiday destination for camping, sand skiing and exploring due to its urban paradise of modern comforts. This city is designed to leave guests completely in a surprised state of mind with stunning endless views of the tranquil Arabian Gulf. Know more about Dammam by exploring:

  • Al Ahsa Oasis: Al Ahsa Oasis is the best blend of Saudi’s beauty and unique history. You will appreciate the convenience of being in the heart of the Eastern Province.
  • Half Moon Bay: Located towards the south of Dammam, it is a recreational setup and one can enjoy scuba dives inside the 7-meter shallow yet tranquil setup.
  • Al Khobar waterfront: Dammam changed when a small waterfront became GCC’s historic water tower. Their dancing fountains and landscaped gardens are the keys to success. Because their team have always been ahead of time, they started offering coffee shops, dining options and boat trips, which was the major attraction factor.

The places are well run and well organised. Get going to have the most blissful experience of your entire life!

9. Al Khor

holiday destination alkhor

What sets Qatar apart from other destinations is Al Khor. The importance of Al Khor resides in its access to distinctive parks, gardens, zoo, beaches and fishing. Like you cannot imagine your trip here without them. This city has hundreds of catches and you can get whatnot in here. Connect with Al Khor a little more by touching the horizons of:

  • Purple Island: Located in northeast Qatar, it is famous for its natural beauty, exotic flora and fauna and is ideal for a day trip.
  • Al Thakhira Beach: Qatar may be a desert country, but Thakhira still has one of the largest Mangroves in Qatar and is a natural, peaceful haven.
  • Al Bayt Stadium: Designed as a Qatari tent, you will know this for sure as this stadium held the opening match for the FIFA World Cup 2022.
  • Skydive Qatar: This world-class skydiving facility introduces teaching and enjoying the sport of skydiving with new and experienced jumpers. We offer Tandem Skydiving, AFF training programs, and modern facilities for our experienced jumpers.

If you want to have a great time in Qatar, just go to AL Khor!

10. Salalah

holiday destination salalah

Planning trips might sound like a very happening idea, but it has cons. We cannot always satisfy our inner conscience, and we somehow manage the trip. Only a few places can suppress these issues with their efficiency. Salalah getaways have been doing that successfully. This Oman-based city is not unfamiliar to tourists, thanks to its rich culture, history and magnificent beaches. Pinnacle places are:

  • Mughsail Beach: It offers a long stretch of clear blue water with white sand and beautiful cliffs on either side of the water. Perfect for a picnic and a quick swim, you can even drive through the beach!
  • Wadi Darbat: A splendid lush green valley with a river running through the middle and having small caves makes it a perfect place for hiking or a family picnic. Past this, there is also Tawa Atair Sinkhole which is world’s third largest sinkhole, as it is 1km long and 200 metres deep.
  • Sultan Qaboos Mosque: This colossal structure with a mix of Arab and modern architecture makes tourists worldwide to get awed by its elegant chandeliers, green carpets and wall patterns.
  • Taqah Castle: Located in Dhofar, this architectural gem looks gorgeous with its surrounding pristine white-sand beaches. It is also known to be one of the best fort museums in Oman.
  • Marneef Cave: Located in the Shatti Al Mughsayl area, localities consider it as one of the top 10 most popular tourist attractions in the Indian Ocean.
  • Anti-Gravity Point: Located between Mirbat and Salalah, this is an anti-gravity hill where people assume that a car in neutral gear will start moving uphill at up to 35 km/hr. An interesting place to checkout.
  • Museum of the Land of Frankincense: Part of the Al Baleed Archaeological Park, it is recommended for educational and interesting antiquity lovers.
  • Plantations: Located near the Corniche, these plantations are stunning alongside the white sand beaches of Salalah.

If you are in Oman or if you will visit Oman, do not waste your time and go to Salalah.

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Visiting Highlights

Start your Arabian Adventures by flying to the Middle East without forgetting about the high points of the destined place. Wouldn’t it be disappointing to be in a land and have no clue where to begin the expedition? The key to a holiday mood is to summarize a collection of locations you would want to pay a visit to, be it parks, museums, sports, restaurants, malls, zoos, beaches or any activity like fishing, hiking or scuba diving.

visiting highlights

Travel Restrictions

Gulf countries are often organized where they follow a certain rule in terms of dress-code, cuisines, photography or anything else. Ensure you scroll through and comprehend to those criteria’s when you visit the place. Defying it might land you in trouble or cause you unnecessary inconvenience.

Also, some places might still have imposed COVID protocols for the safety of their tourists. See to it that you understand and abide by them as well.

Availability Check!

Always ensure beforehand that the place you plan to travel to is open for a visit during that season. Sometimes renovation work might also hinder your plan for visiting. It is better to have all this information early to avoid melancholy.

Travel On Budget!

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Final Thoughts

Balance your work and life with the help of better holidays. The list has a superb collection of holiday destinations that will make you fasten your seatbelts and drive you to pause the monotony of life. As the world is one big ocean to dive into, the places to explore are limitless. If you can find one, do not hesitate to spend time there and share with us your escapades.


Should I plan based on the reviews?

Reviews or feedbacks always help to understand if the place is worth giving a try or not.

Is it better to plan according to city tours or visit the sites individually?

It is always better to share the joy of visiting a space individually, but city tours might give you something unexpected.

How to plan a trip for a weekend?

Prepare a checklist of the place you would want to visit, search for the best places and consider the distance before starting. This way, you might not cover all at once, but you are sure to get the best of the destination.

Are all entries to beaches free of cost?

It might vary. Some beaches offer free entrance, and some ask for a minimal fee.

Do climate changes affect safari rides?

Yes. Sudden climate change can disrupt the services of a few tourist attractions.

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