Care Your Kiddo A Little More: Child’s Happy Health and Summer Safety Tips

Summer tips for your kid

Summer is the perfect time to have fun and you just cannot stop your kids from going crazy. Especially, kids love to involve in indoor and outdoor activities.

Keeping your kids safe is quite a Hercules task, as they keep wandering outdoors. As a parent, you fear for their injuries, sunburns and sunstrokes. It is impossible to stop them from doing their chores. When it comes to babies, special care is needed in this season. You must also focus on their food & clothing to keep them healthy & comfortable. So, here a few summer tips that you can follow to protect your child.

Summer Tips To Take Good Care of Your Child

Summer Clothing

Clothes for adults in summer are pretty much standard. But figuring out what babies and kids can wear is a challenging task. Clothes need to be light in colour and fabric, preferably cotton. Pick a loose shirt and shorts if the weather is too hot. To avoid mosquito bites or any insect bites choose a light hoody or a full dungaree to cover your kid’s body completely. At night time, for babies pick a comfy onesie and for kids, a t-shirt and a pyjama would be the best option.

Foods to be Consumed During Summer

Children are active and energetic, often expend more energy than what they take in. Adding to it, relentless summer heat causes dehydration. Choosing cooling foods in summer will keep your little one refreshed inside out. Such foods help the body to regulate its temperature and prevent dehydration. The list includes watermelon, cucumber, yogurt, tomatoes, coconut water, lime water, barley, mango, apples, green beans, papaya and oranges. 

Baby Nappies

Most parents think of using commercial diapers as they have an added advantage of holding a lot more urine and poop as compared to a cloth nappy. But during summers, babies get irritated and even rashes appear due to lack of breathing space. A nappy can keep your baby comfortable all time and make sure to change them frequently.


Powders and lotions help in keeping your baby’s skin healthy and soft. But in summers, your little angel’s skin becomes a lot more sensitive. Here, the powders and lotions can end up irritating your baby’s skin. Instead, apply sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) ranging from 15 to 30, if your baby or kid is outside. Choose the one that protects against UVA and UVB rays.

Beat The Heat

Heat-related illness happens when the body’s temperature is not under control. Generally, infants and children upto 4 years of age are at a greater risk. Schedule outdoor activities for your kids carefully in morning and evening hours. Give your kid cool showers or baths 2 times a day. 

Water Safety

Water-related activities are most popular in summer. Protect your kids from water illnesses and give them safety advises to be careful around the water. Supervise your children when they are playing in the water. Teach them swimming lessons to protect themselves from drowning.

Play Time Measures

We cannot restrict children from playing outside. Keep a watch on your kids while they are at the playground. Check the play equipment for exposed bolt heads and sharp edges, cover them with rubber. Teach children to take turns and not to push each other on play structures. Also, warn them of injuring themselves while playing.

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Follow this summer guide to take good care of your babies and kids. Keep them safe, out of trouble and make them consume lots of water to stay hydrated. Visit the above e-commerce stores for an unlimited range of mother, baby and kids products to buy at budget-friendly prices. Happy Summer!

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