10 Scarf Styles Known for Adding Additional Beauty to Outfit

Best Scarf Styles

Women or men always love to accessorize themselves to add a little more to their regular outfits. Depending on the type of outfit you wear, you can pair accessories accordingly to match with your attire. It clearly passes a statement that “How accessories play a never-ending role in the fashion world”.

The scarf is weighted as one of the most continuous trends till date. It doesn’t matter how many you have or when you choose it to wear, it always makes you look the best. You can match your outfits perfectly with your scarves on sunny, rainy, and snow days to have the best demeanor and sassy look.

Styles of Scarves to Glamorize Your Outfit

Scarf being a part of fashion accessories leads to the most astonishing and chic looks. So, here you can find various scarf styles and models that you can use in your regular outfits.

1. The Polyester Braid Scarf

Polyester Braid Scarf
Credit: Jennifer Knits

This is one of the fanciest and unique scarf styles that you can use in your daily outfit. The braided scarves give the chicest look when combined with polyester fabric. So, if you have a basic T-shirt then you can just add this scarf and to have the most stylish look ever. Your simple outfit now has the best look that you can carry to any place.

2. The Knitted Cowl Scarf

Knitted Cowl Scarf

A knitted cowl scarf is mostly used during winter as they give an extra-ordinary look for everyone. Generally, the cowl scarf can also be used with other fabrics like slithery silk velvet, polyester fleece, and more. You can simply knot with a scarf pin and wear this on a plain dress, woolen T-shirt, hoodie drape, etc. The knot pins or buttons will create a charming look to your outfit.

3. The Terry Classic Double Bandana Scarf

Terry Classic Double Bandana Scarf

If you want a vintage look for your outfit then go for a classic double bandana scarf. Terry is the best fabric that can be used for this style. This go-to scarf style is well-known for its durability and warmth. You can wear these scarves on a casual shirt, full-sleeve T-shirt, or a tank top. It will cover and give you a wonderful look to your outfit.

4. The Short Silk Knotted Necklace Scarf

Short Silk Knotted Necklace Scarf

Here is an old yet famous style of scarves. Short scarves are usually worn to just create only additional beauty to your outfit. The vibrant colours that match your dress and draping it around your neck just with a simple knot will give you a necklace look. Silk fabric goes well with this style. If you tend to wear a deep neck dress then the ends of this scarf will create an illusion of a slender neck which apparently bling up your overall look.

5. The Elegant Cut Velvet Shawl Scarf

Elegant Cut Velvet Shawl Scarf

These are generally known to be the long scarves which can also be called as shawls. The cut velvet gives an elegant look to your outfit. There are also various fabrics that can be used for this scarf like wool challis, charmeuse, and chiffon. You can find these fabric materials at affordable prices by using VogaCloset Discount codes and get your elegant look.

6. The Feather Boa Scarf

Feather Boa Scarf

Feather boas are also treated as a voguish fashion accessory. Usually, you can wear these soft and fluffy scarves to different parties. These are made of various feathers sometimes combined with polyester fabric. You can add this scarf into your costume outfits, parties and get a stylish look.

7. The Batik Sarong Scarf

Batik Sarong Scarf

You can get these scarves to welcome summer. The batik sarong scarfs are satiny and light with different beautiful patterns that will suit any of your outfits perfectly. You can also find the sarong scarfs in other materials like silk, chiffon, woven cotton, etc. Choose the best patterns with a bright solid tone that will make your regular formal wear look perfect.

8. The Cotton Knit Turtle-neck Scarf

Cotton Knit Turtle-neck Scarf

Agree or not but the old fashion is the new fashion. All the trends used back in 90’s are back in the business. The turtle-neck is one of such styles which gives a chic look also with added comfort. Cotton knit fabric is best for turtle-neck as it provides a smooth stylish drape which is a four-way stretchable fabric. So, you can wear an extreme elegant dress or skirt and can choose to twist your turtle-neck or slouchy turtle-neck scarf as a perfect finishing to your outfit.

9. Luxe Flannel Loop scarf

Luxe Flannel Loop scarf

Imagine a light-weighted luxe flannel scarf as a loop flawlessly draped with your outfit. There are different types of loops you can select like a double loop, rolled loop, tie loop, and hidden loop. These loops can match your ethnic outfits, a regular t-shirt, or a short sassy dress. You can fit into any of your outfits and these looped scarves will only glow your look more. Shop for trendy fashion and style it with a matching loop scarf to get that gorgeous look.

10. The Silk Knot Scarf

Silk Knot Scarf

Knots are the basic formula to tie a scarf but you will be amused to find out the types of knots. You can get a silk scarf and make a simple neck knot, false knot, French knot, and hidden knot. All these styles will match your casual outfit and professional outfit superbly.

Now, I hope you agree with the above passed fashion statements. Scarves can be worn in every season by adding a little seasonal effect to your beautiful outfits. Try on the scarfs and get the best version of you.

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